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7 Things We Miss About Sungei Wang Plaza In “The Old Days”


7 Things We Miss About Sungei Wang Plaza In “The Old Days”

Whenever Sungei Wang Plaza is mentioned, it’ll surely bring back happy memories of us lepaking at that busy mall in our teens! Established in 1977, the seven-storey plaza was formerly a one stop centre for all your shopping needs.

Hailing as one of the cheapest places for retail therapy, the crowd in Sungei Wang Plaza was legendary—there was no such thing as personal space in this mall. It was a great place for people watching and feasting your eyes on leng luis and leng chais on the weekends.

However, as the years went by and newer malls started sprouting up all over the Klang Valley, Sungei Wang Plaza lost its lustre and less and less people visited the mall.

In case you haven’t heard, Capitaland Malaysia Mall Trust will be transforming Sungei Wang Plaza by giving it a major facelift and adding a new retail zone in 2019. Apparently, they want to renovate the place and make it “glistening gold”.

This transformation will be the third time Sungei Wang Plaza has been given a major refurbishment and a Sungei Wang Plaza Management committee member said that they hope this transformation will revive the mall again.

Before we say goodbye to the old Sungei Wang and hello to the new ‘glistening’ Sungei Wang, here’s a throwback piece highlighting seven sweet memories that many of us have had at Sungei Wang Plaza:

#1 The Arcades

Back then, Sungei Wang was one of the few malls that had impressive arcades centers. People would travel from anywhere around Selangor to Sungei Wang Plaza just to play and lepak for hours at its arcade centre. There were bumper cars too! Its famous arcade spots included SEGA Satellite and Airport.

#2 Roller Blade Rink

The roller blade rink in Sungei Wang was similar to the roller blading discos you see on TV in the US. Skate to rock music, pop songs or feng tau music for just RM3! It was also a popular date activity—because you can hold your date’s hand and skate around in circles.

The roller blading rink was so popular, it used to be filled to the brim with people.

#3 Buy Collectors’ Items

Sungei Wang Plaza used to have an abundance of shops selling posters, manga, anime, comic books and figurines! Many would come here to complete their manga or figurine collections.

A common favourite was Sun Comics. If you ever missed an issue, Sun Comics would always have a spare copy. There was also a Tamiya shop on the ground floor, where you could buy and race your remote control cars!

#4 Clothing Haven

Sungei Wang was a gorgeous gem of a shopping space when it came to clothes. You could find a combination of cult brands, local designers and street styles. It had an array of shops selling clothes at only RM25, or sometimes just RM10 at the bargain bins.

From cutting-edge to eccentric vintage wear, Sungei Wang offered an eclectic mix of prints and patterns. Of course, whether the brands on sale were original or fake was anybody’s guess.

#5 Tech Shops And Endless Phone Stalls

Another reason why Sungei Wang used to be so popular was because the shops here sold cheaper gadgets.

Besides cameras, console games and mobile phones, there were also game shops that allowed you to have a test game. It wasn’t uncommon to see boyfriends getting distracted while shopping and end up standing in front of the game shops watching people play games.

And, who can forget buying pirated (oops!) CDs here and feeling like a criminal!

#6 Chap Fan And Other Awesome Food!

Sungei Wang had an awesome top floor food court back in the day: the buffet-like spread, the tattooed staff scooping rice behind the counter, and a blurry TV showing old Stephen Chow comedies.

Another foodie highlight would be the cookie smell, from the Famous Amos kiosk, that would waft through what felt like the entire floor.

#7 Futsal With A View

There used to be a futsal court on the rooftop of Sungei Wang Plaza, where you could literally play futsal with the Petronas Twin Towers as your backdrop. There’s definitely no such view in KL anymore. Some might still remember watching the Twin Towers develop step by step as they played futsal on that rooftop week after week.

We wonder what new memories Sungei Wang will bring, once the upgrades are complete next year?

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