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9 Messages And Social Media Posts By The NGO Grooming Suspect That Creeped Us The Eff Out



In a shocking case of you-can’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover, a veteran volunteer at a local soup kitchen—let’s call him TC—has been ousted as a perv and sexual groomer of underage girls.

It all began when Kembara Kitchen founder William Cheah was with his team of volunteers, discussing upcoming events, when one of them brought up the topic of TC…



When contacted by The Star, he defended himself, describing his actions as a “caring” one. In his words, “I am actually very straightforward and friendly. I think my actions have been misunderstood.” When probed further about his advancements towards underage kids, he explained, “I don’t have any sickness. My intention is to look for companionship,” adding, “Age is just a number.”

Since this reveal, many other victims have come forward to tell their story. The 36-year-old paedo has reportedly been targeting girls in NGOs and church for 15 years! Here’s a look at a few of the many times that TC has been “caring” to his victims:

#1 When he was “caring” about his female friends’ assets

#2 When he was so “caring”, he gave girls profile photo recommendations

#3 When he was “caring” enough to share his love

#4 When he was “caring” enough to help the girl alleviate tension

#5 When he was just being “caring” towards an overworked girl

#6 When he was “caring” enough to gift a girl with the latest phone model

#7 When he was such a “caring” friend, he IG-storied photos of girls—the girl’s a photo of his lock screen by the way

#8 When he was just a “caring” social media person inappropriately asking girls out on dates

#9 And for the most “caring” act of all, when he warned his female friends about sexual predators. Oh, the irony

As more horror stories about TC hit the media, it looks like his female acquaintances aren’t really appreciating his “caring” ways. So, TC, tuck your “caring” in your pants and stop harassing women.

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