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You Better Bee-lieve it…!



The internet was abuzz recently over news that a swarm of bees had been spotted at KLIA2. 

Image via The Star

AirAsia group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandez was among the first to spot the bees at the Bay Q4 area of the airport, and posted a photo on social media.

Image via @TonyFernandes/Twitter

Malaysia Airports was quick to respond, saying it was monitoring the matter closely, and would conduct fumigation if the bees didn’t disperse. 

They also explained that it is actually common for migrating swarms of bees to congregate at airports, and they normally leave when there is rain or heavy wind.

True to their word, MAHB fumigated the affected area on Tuesday night and declared the operation a success, meaning its now ‘bees-ness’ as usual at the budget carrier hub.

Image via @MY_Airports/Twitter

However, this is not the first case of ‘unwelcome guests’ at KLIA2.

Recently, a viral video showed a rat at the passenger lounge area, prompting MAHB to issue an apology and promise to take steps to address the issue. 

There was also another clip purportedly showing a maggot-infested rubbish bin, although it has yet to be confirmed if the bin was actually from the airport. 

by Nicholas Darren John

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