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CNN Said The World’s Best Cendol Comes From Singapore And Malaysians Are PISSED



There’s nothing more perfect than enjoying an icy bowl on cendol on a hot afternoon while sitting on a plastic stool next to an old-school cendol bicycle cart.

In Malaysia, there’s a ton of different varieties to the sticky, sweet cold bowl of heaven—the basic cendol with red beans, sweet corn cendol, pulut cendol, and if you feel like splurging a little, durian cendol. There are so many varieties and so many places in Malaysia (shoutout to Melakans and Penangites) that have the best bowls of cendol. No doubt.

Or so we thought. Cause apparently, some people are still confused. Particularly this CNN writer, who featured cendol on their list of 50 Of The Worlds Best Desserts, and named Singapore’s “take on the classic treat [with red beans]” as number 9.

OBVIOUSLY, Malaysians nationwide were not having it. Here’s are some tweets depicting how Malaysians are feeling about the best cendol being said to be from Singapore.

This person was just plain angry.

This person questioned the article’s facts

This smart Malaysian tapau-ed both cendol and Singapore as Malaysian.

This one struggled to remind himself what is important

And this Malaysian who is up for a protest.

This guy wants to call on his Indonesian brothers for back-up

While this guy thinks that we both have our own versions of the dish

This person wants CNN to do their cendol research

and this person wants to know where Singaporeans get their gula melaka

while This guy straight up @ the writer asking them to clarify their facts

This guy made a poll

This guy has a totally different view on cendol’s origin.

And lastly, this person who said what we’re all thinking right now

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