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Don’t Be Surprised If You See Many King T’Challas This Raya



It appears that Black Panther really affected us Malaysians in a big way. But why wouldn’t it? The storyboard, action scenes, scenery and acting in the film were all on point! But the factor that really pushed the movie was how everything was tied to African culture, right down to the traditional African-inspired costumes.

The details on King T’Challa aka Chadwick Boseman’s royal garb were magnificent. So magnificent that it has been forecasted as the most snatched look this Raya.

In case you were among those who sat in the cinema watching Chadwick Boseman walk around as King T’Challa and thought, “Dang! This guy looks great in that outfit. I wonder if I could find something like that for my Raya outfit?”

Don’t worry, fam. We got you covered.

Since Black Panther was released, T’Challa’s royal garb inspired a kurta outfit that went on sale on multiple online stores.

The design on the kurta, which BTW is appropriately called Baju Kurta Black Panther, is astonishingly similar to the design on the actual costume.

The Black Panther-inspired kurta is currently trending among Malaysians and Indonesians, who call it Baju Koko Black Panther. So, if you’re planning to look as dapper as the king of Wakanda himself this Raya, make the Black Panther kurta your primary choice of baju raya.

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