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Every Single Stan Lee Marvel Cameo Ever To Look Back On And Cry To



In his life, Stan Lee made an immense impact on comics and film, and Marvel super fan or not, his cameos in Marvel films are Easter eggs that never fail to prompt cheers from the audience.

Although many Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans will know him as the guy who shows up in the majority of the movies released by Marvel, Stan actually started doing cameos long before the superhero movies were made. As far back as the 1960’s, Lee would be occasionally inserted in the covers and pages of Marvel comics he was overseeing.

“The artists back then would draw me in as a joke or just to have fun,” Lee told the Business Insider. “And I would put some dialogue balloons there and it looked as if I intended it. I didn’t try to do cameos in those days.”

Speaking on his cameos in the films, Lee said that he particularly liked his cameo in Avenger’s: Age of Ultron (2015) because “it’s so funny”. He also liked his appearance in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, where he wasn’t allowed in to Reed Richards and Susan Storm’s wedding because the bouncer didn’t believe he was really Stan Lee.

As a tribute to the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics, who has died at the age of 95 today, we’ve compiled a list of every cameo he’s ever done in the Marvel universe.

1. The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989)

Stan made his first cameo ever almost 30 years ago in a TV movie. He played the role a of a jury member in David Banner’s imagined trial.

2. X-Men (2000)

Stan’s first feature film cameo was in the premiere X-Men film (unfortunately, his Blade appearance was removed from the final cut). Fans spotted him selling hot dogs on the beach during Senator Kelly’s emergence from the sea.

3. Spider-Man (2002)

Stan was the bystander who shielded a young girl from debris when the Green Goblin caused an explosion.

4. Daredevil (2003)

Stan co-created the character Daredevil with artist Bill Everett. Even though the 2003 movie adaptation ended up being criticised severely, fans rejoiced at the sight of Stan Lee reading a newspaper next to young Matt Murdock

5. Hulk (2003)

Stan appeared with former Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno as security guards in this film. It’s also the first cameo that had Stan Lee speaking!

6. Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Similar to Stan’s cameo in the previous Spider-Man movie, he saved a woman from falling debris in this one as well—this time caused by Spider-Man’s fight with Doctor Octopus.

7. Fantastic Four (2005)

Stan played mailman Willie Lumpkin, a character he created in the comics. The role saw him greeting Reed Richards, aka Mr Fantastic.

8. X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Stan was a bewildered neighbour, whose hose began to spray water upwards while he’s watering his lawn, when Jean Grey’s used her telekinesis to levitate several objects outside.

9. Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Stan uttered some wise words to Peter Parker in this one that made us all shed a tear.

10. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

One of Stan’s favourite cameos where his character wasn’t allowed into Reed Richard and Susan Storm’s wedding because the bouncer didn’t believe he’s really Stan Lee.

11. Iron Man (2008)

In this cameo, Tony Stark mistook Stan for Hugh Hefner at a red carpet event. Though we’d have to agree that he does look a lot like Hefner here!

12. The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Stan accidentally got infected with gamma sickness when he drank a soda contaminated with Bruce Banner’s Hulk blood.

13. Iron Man 2 (2010)

Keeping the trend of mistaken identity, Tony Stark confused a suspender-wearing Stan Lee for Larry King.

14. Thor (2011)

Stan tried to pull Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, out of the ground using his pickup truck. Failing the task, Stan prompted laughter from the other truckers.

15. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Stan added comic relief to the film as a World War II general who mistook another man for Captain America.

16. The Avengers (2012)

In this cameo, Stan portrayed a member of the public that didn’t believe superheroes existed in New York.

17. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Stan Lee was completely unaware of the fight going on behind him between Spider-Man and the Lizard, while he jammed out to classical music on his enormous headphones.

18. Iron Man 3 (2013)

Stan appeared as a beauty pageant judge who enthusiastically gave a contestant a perfect 10 mark.

19. Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Stan played a patient—who wanted his shoe back—at the same mental hospital ward astrophysicist Erik Selvig was admitted to.

20. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Another funny cameo where Stan played a security guard who’s afraid he’ll be fired when he realised Captain America’s uniform was missing.

21. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

While attending Peter Parker’s graduation ceremony, Stan spotted him in his Spider-Man mask and remarked that he recognised the young man.

22. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Stan got caught flirting with a beautiful young woman.

23. Big Hero 6 (2014)

Animated to appear with his signature sunglasses and moustache, Lee was the voice of Fred’s dad in this post-credit scene.

24. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (2014)

With two gorgeous women flanking his side, Stan told Agent Coulson off for making Jemma Simmons upset.

25. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Stan’s favourite cameo where he played a World War II veteran who needed help leaving the Avengers’ celebration after drinking too much—all the while mumbling “Excelsior” to himself.

26. Agent Carter (2015)

Stan landed a short role in the show’s first season, borrowing a newspaper from Howard Stark, Tony Stark’s dad.

27. Ant-Man (2015)

Stan was a slick bartender in Luis’ flashback, describing a woman as “crazy stupid fine”.

27. Deadpool (2016)

Stan appeared as an emcee at a strip club in his most explicit cameo ever.

28. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Stan hilariously mispronounced Tony Stark’s name as Tony Stank when he made a delivery as a FedEx worker.

29. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Stan Lee held on to his real wife, Joan, while they trembled with several other bystanders as they watched nuclear missiles launching into space. This was Joan’s last film appearance before her death the following year.

30. Doctor Strange (2016)

Stan reportedly filmed three other cameos on the same day he filmed this one: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnarok. In this one, he’s a bus rider so engrossed in a book that he didn’t notice Doctor Strange and Mordo falling onto the side of the bus.

31. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (2017)

Dressed as an astronaut, Stan told celestial beings stories about his life, including the time when he was a postman—a reference to Stan’s role as the FedEx deliveryman in Iron Man 2, which caused fans to theorise that Stan actually played the same character in every MCU film.

Kevin Feige confirmed this idea, saying, “We thought it would be fun to put that in there because that really says, ‘So wait a minute, he’s the same character who’s popped up in all these films.’”

32. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Stan yelled out of a window at Spider-Man for causing a commotion in true old-man style.

33. The Gifted (2017)

Based on Marvel Comics’ X-Men, Stan Lee appeared in one of the episodes in the series. He’s seen leaving a bar just as Marcos entered.

34. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Equipped with blades instead of a right hand, Stan was the intergalactic barber who cut Thor’s beautiful blonde waves.

35. Runaways (2017)

Stan was featured as the limo driver who took the teens to PRIDE’s gala.

36. Black Panther (2018)

A thirsty gambler, Stan grabbed T’Challa’s winnings at the casino in South Korea.

37. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Ever the unfazed observer, Stan played the bus driver who told a group of startled kids off for being scared of a giant spaceship floating above the city.

38. Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

Stan’s car got shrunken by a particle disk just as he’s about to get into it. He reacted by saying, “Well, the ‘60s was fun, but now I’m paying for it.” LOL!

39. Venom (2018)

Stan played an insightful man walking his tiny dog, during which he told Eddie Brock to “Don’t give up on her… either of you,” as Eddie left his ex-fiancé, hinting that he knew about Eddie’s Venom persona.

Venom was the latest film to be released with Stan Lee before his death. But, luckily for us, we’ll have at least one more Stan Lee cameo to look forward to. Back in April, Joe Russo told BBC Radio Scotland that Stan Lee has already filmed his Avengers 4 cameo and will indeed appear in the film, so watch out for him then!

We’re gonna miss this legend! Did you manage to spot Stan Lee during all these movies?

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Malaysian Avengers Fans Were Awake Awal Gila For The First Screening Today!




Voiced by Amazon Polly

Hardcore fans flocked to cinemas as early as 6.30am this morning to be the first in Malaysia (and the world!) to watch the much anticipated Marvel superhero movie, Avengers: Endgame!

A few selected cinemas had 7am screenings today, but if you missed it, don’t worry, you can check the rest of the timings here.

Meanwhile, netizens have urged the early birds not to share spoilers, while the rest of us wait to watch the movie at a sane hour.

Netizens have also shared their thoughts on Malaysians showing such punctuality when it comes to waking up for a movie, but not being able to do the same for work.

First reactions to Avengers: Endgame are positive, with movie critics saying it definitely lives up to the hype.

This Malaysian agrees:

A group of college students who were at the 7am screening at a cinema in the Klang Valley told us they were skipping their 9am class, while an office worker said he told his boss he’s coming in after lunch, as he had ‘personal matters to attend to’.

Were you one of the early birds?

We’re sure you want to share your joy… but please be kind to your fellow Malaysians who haven’t watched it yet!

Spread joy, not spoilers!

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Malaysians Are Really Paying Hundreds To Ticket Resellers To Watch “Avengers: Endgame” This Week




Voiced by Amazon Polly
Captain America is sad that resellers are taking advantage of people – Image via Slashfilm

The latest instalment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe films is causing Malaysian fans and moviegoers to go above and beyond in order to secure their tickets for opening week.

Image via Box Office Pro

Local cinema websites revealed that the majority of gold class and normal tickets for the first few days of screening are already sold out. Due to this, people are resorting to paying online ticket touters extra just to secure a seat in the cinema.

Ticket touters, obviously ambil kesempatan of this desperation and have reportedly hiked ticket prices up to as high as RM500 for tickets on premiere night! Walao!

Meanwhile, a pair of tickets for an IMAX 3D screening of the film is being sold for RM450, and a 4DX showing in Paradigm Mall, Johor is going for RM200 per ticket. Mahal gile wehh!

FYI, just to put things into perspective, normal prices for cinema tickets range between RM15 and RM40 for regular showings, while 4DX and IMAX are priced at RM50 to RM80.

One day after the tickets went on sale most cinemas only had the first few rows of seats left available – Image via Lowyat

According to the Malaysian Reserve, a local fan paid online ticket touters RM300 for three tickets. Speaking to the publisher, she said she was forced to buy from ticket touters because she tak sempat buy her tickets from the cinema chains before they were sold out.

She also said that she wanted to watch the film during the opening week to avoid the film being ruined for her by seeing spoilers, and on top of that, she also wanted to be one of the first to find out which superheroes survive the film.

“I bought three tickets for RM300 from Mudah.my and even that is not for the first day,

I think it’s quite frustrating that some people just bought tickets earlier only to re-sell them. I don’t agree with this (re-selling) culture but it’s the norms now,”

Speaking of spoilers, widespread leaks of the film were reportedly circulating online last week. Social media users reported running into spoilers left in comment threads. There were also reports that the film’s final scene was filmed and had been shared online.

Infinity War and Endgame directors, the Russo brothers spoke to Box Office Pro, who asked them if they were paranoid about plot leaks for Endgame.

“Yeah, we do feel that way. At a certain point, I’m sure we’ll write another letter this year that asks everyone to stay off the internet.

“I think this one has even more spoilers than the last one. This is a culture that wants everything now, and it’s getting worse. The world is connected via social media, and information travels within seconds.

“If you’ve been following along with this narrative for 10 years, you’re going to want to protect yourself. It’s best to go in clean.

“I encourage people to go opening weekend because I’m sure everything is going to hit the internet the moment the movie hits the screen.”

Image via Yahoo

And write a letter they did..

We Malaysians have just a couple of hours before the first screening of the film on our shores. So, till then, tread carefully out there guys. And after you watch it, remember…Thanos demands your silence.

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A Malaysian Genius Created A Google Chrome Extension That Automatically Blurs Semua Endgame Spoilers




Voiced by Amazon Polly

Although Marvel has informed all Avengers fans that Thanos demands our collective silence for Avengers: Endgame, there’s sure to be a couple of jerks who love to do nothing else if not ruin the fun for everyone by posting spoilers online.


While we have taken to un-friending these horrible people on Facebook (we honestly recommend this, it feels so good), it seems that now there’s a less passive aggressive way to deal with them.

Top dog Malaysian, Ng Khai Yong, has created a Google Chrome extension that will ensure you don’t see any Avengers: Endgame spoilers

The aptly called No Spoilers extension automatically blurs any post talking about the long-awaited film.

Mashable Asia tested the extension out by installing it and then visiting the Avengers Facebook page. Here’s what they saw: Nothing.

Image via Mashable Asia

Heck, it works so well that when Khai Yong shared the extension on his own Facebook profile, he couldn’t see his post. 🤣

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

This basically means that the extension will automatically blur anything that mentions Avengers: Endgame. Which might include updates too. Personally, we don’t mind. Anything but spoilers, please.

Download No Spoilers here!

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Tinder Has Surpassed Netflix As The Highest Money-Making App For 2019




Voiced by Amazon Polly
Image via TechCrunch

It’s the first time since forever that Netflix is no longer the top grossing, non-game mobile app. The crown now belongs to Tinder.

Several reports are saying that the change in position is due to Netflix’s decision to stop paying “Apple tax”, which means it no longer allows users to sign up and subscribe to Netflix through its iOS mobile app.

Yeah, rather than give Apple a 15-30 percent cut of subscription revenue, they made it a requirement for users to sign up through Netflix’s website before they can use the app on mobile devices, on both iOS and Android. That small change caused Apple to lose millions in revenue per year, due to Netflix being the world’s top earning non game app since 2016.

Guess now Netflix is feeling the pinch as well.

Tinder on the other hand has surged ahead, riding on growth from emerging markets like India, where it is the top grossing app on the Play Store.

Tinder is doing well specifically thanks to their subscription service, Tinder Gold. For those who aren’t avid Tinder users, Tinder Gold has all the perks of Tinder Plus with the added ability of seeing all the people who have already swiped right on you (so you don’t have to aimlessly swipe right and wait for a match).

Currently, Tinder Gold has more than 3 million subscribers globally, with just 1.7 million subscribers joining in 2018 alone.


Guess people would rather spend their Friday nights on a Tinder date than watching Netflix at home, huh? We can’t relate.

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Local News Presenter Kena Tanduk By A Lembu In Klang While Reporting The News!




Voiced by Amazon Polly
Image via Facebook

News presenters and journalists who go out into the field to report the news are unsung heroes. It’s true! They endure the great outdoors to inform us on what’s going on in the world while we goyang kaki in comfortable aircond rooms safe from all the danger.

Buletin Utama TV3 news presenter Juliana Sharin definitely knows what we’re talking about.

Image via Facebook

Juliana was covering a story for the “Buletin Utama TV3 Aduan Rakyat” segment in Klang. Apparently, Klang is currently being taken over by cows freely roaming the streets.


At one point during the news coverage, Juliana is seen walking with some cows while reporting the news. Then, out of nowhere, one of the cows behind her decides to tanduk her in the derrière.

We highly doubt this was planned by neither Juliana nor her cameraman. Yet, despite being painfully tanduk-ed, Juliana maintains her professionalism and keeps on reporting the news! Caya lah Puan Juliana!

Following the hilarious incident, both Juliana and her husband shared what happened on their respective Facebook profiles. We’re proud to announce that both husband and wife have a great sense of humor.

Ya ya betul saya kena sondol. Sakit tau. Ini bukan lakonan. Nasib baik tak kena tengah-tengah… Laporan penuh dalam…

Posted by Juliana Sharin on Monday, 8 April 2019

Kau tanduk bini aku!!! Kau lebih lembu….😤Saksikan Aduan Rakyat 3.0 esok lembu tanduk wartawan TV3….😂😂😂

Posted by Herman Plani Syafrudin on Monday, 8 April 2019

Aku baru bangun tido….viral dah ke lembu tanduk bini aku tu???Hahahaha….

Posted by Herman Plani Syafrudin on Tuesday, 9 April 2019

You can watch the full five-minute long report below. Trust us, it’s worth it.

ADUAN RAKYAT 3.0 | Haiwan Keliaran Undang Bahaya

ADUAN RAKYAT 3.0 | Haiwan Keliaran Undang Bahaya Lembu ternakan berkeliaran mengundang bahaya. Anjing liar pula mengganggu ketenteraman penduduk.Ikuti laporan Juliana Sharin dalam Aduan Rakyat kali ini yang meninjau masalah berkenaan di dua lokasi berlainan.

Posted by Buletin TV3 on Tuesday, 9 April 2019

BTW, can we just ask: What in the world is going on in Klang? First cows wreaking havoc, then dogs too?

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Ben Affleck Is Impressed By The Training Ammar Alfian Had To Endure For PASKAL: The Movie!




Voiced by Amazon Polly

Recently, local actor Ammar Alfian got the chance to interview Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam and Garret Hedlund in Singapore for their new film Triple Frontier.

Image via Teaser Trailer

During the interview, Ammar Alfian asked the Triple Frontier actors on their training and diet regimen for the film. After answering, Ben Affleck returned the question to Ammar, asking him what kind of training he had to endure to prepare for PASKAL: The Movie.

Both PASKAL: The Movie and Triple Frontier share a lot in common, both films depict some sort of special force unit and the strong brotherhood bond that forms between the team members as they go out on life-threatening missions.

Image via Facebook

Ammar told the three actors of how he had to stay in a camp for two months while they faced various types of intense training to prepare themselves for the film.

“We had two months of training. Swim training, tactical training, and then it’s fight training as well. We had to stay in the camp for two months,”

Ben Affleck and the rest of his members were pretty impressed at how intensive and military-like the PASKAL training was.

“That’s like really being in the military. It’s like bootcamp, I mean it’s the same thing,”

You can watch the full interview here.

With all that vigorous training, it’s no wonder our Malaysian actors were so talented (and ripped) in PASKAL!

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This Malaysian Bought A Life-Sized Iron Man Replica From Royal Selangor For RM77,000!




Voiced by Amazon Polly

There’s a rich Malaysian Marvel superfan right here in KL who just forked out RM77,000 for a life-sized Iron Man statue!

This superfan recently made jaws drop when he posted photos of him unboxing the statue on his Facebook page.

The statue is a limited-edition two-meter-tall replica of Iron Man’s Mark 43 armour featured in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Commissioned by Taiwanese collectables brand Beast Kingdom in association with Marvel, the replica was produced by Royal Selangor and released last year in honour of the 10th anniversary of Iron Man’s first movie.

It appears that after the super fan bought it, the replica was transported in three separate parts (including its base platform) to his home. Four Royal Selangor personnel were deployed with the replica to help with assembling.

Image via R collection_力收藏/Facebook
Image via R collection_力收藏/Facebook
Image via R collection_力收藏/Facebook
Image via R collection_力收藏/Facebook

The replica is complete with lit up eyes, arc reactor and repulsors.

Image via R collection_力收藏/Facebook

There are only 30 units of this replica available in the whole wide world, and we think this dude bought the last available one based on the replica’s numbering on its base. Walao!

Image via R collection_力收藏/Facebook
Image via R collection_力收藏/Facebook

Besides this replica, the collector also owns an impressive collection of Marvel memorabilia including infinity gauntlets, a couple of Mjölnirs, a Captain America shield and several headpieces.

Image via R collection_力收藏/Facebook
Image via R collection_力收藏/Facebook
Image via R collection_力收藏/Facebook

Okay, we’re officially jelly.

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Here’s How You Can Watch Game Of Thrones Without The Risk Of Malware!




Voiced by Amazon Polly

So, the final season of Game of Thrones is almost upon us. And while we sit here eagerly awaiting the release of the first episode, those of us who don’t have an Astro subscription are trying to figure out we’re gonna watch the series.


As many know, accessing popular TV series often has us reaching into our wallets to pay to watch. But since we’re all cheapskates, most of us look for free alternatives that usually involve illegally downloading the episodes or torrenting them (come on, takkan we’re gonna buy an Astro subscription just to watch Game of Thrones kot!)

But these alternative methods have their downfalls. Malware.

Short for ‘malicious software,’ malware is a blanket term for viruses, worms, Trojans and other harmful computer programs. Hackers use malware to wreck your system and gain access to sensitive information.


According to a recent report done by Kaspersky, cybercriminals are increasingly using illegal downloads and torrenting as a means to spread malware. Malware is often embedded into popular TV series that are hosted on illegal websites, waiting to strike.

The report shows that the illegal downloading of Game of Thrones contributed to 17% of all infected pirated content in 2018 with 20,934 systems infected. The Walking Dead follows with 18,794 infections and Arrow with 12,163.

Image via Low Yat

The report concludes that malware distributors usually target the first and last episode of each season. As these are usually the episodes that have more traffic and viewers.


Here are some other popular TV series that are regularly targeted by cybercriminals.

Image via Low Yat

So, why put yourself through all the trouble and stress of guessing which downloading version of a TV series is safe when you can watch it malware-free guaranteed on streaming sites like Netflix, and Astro Go?


We’d rather be safe than sorry when it comes to watching our favourite series! Lagipun, subscription fees really aren’t that expensive, guys! Most of the TV series mentioned above can be watched on Netflix for just RM33 per month okurrr!

Yes, we know Netflix doesn’t have Game of Thrones. But you can now stream the new season and all the past seasons of Game of Thrones via Astro now even if you don’t have Astro.

This is because Astro is offering an HBO Game of Thrones Pass to watch the series online. The passes come with a 30 or 60-day option with prices starting at a measly RM26.50. You can get more info on that here.

Game of Thrones season 8 will premiere at the same time as the U.S. on Monday, 15th April at 9am, exclusively on HBO (Astro Ch 411 / 431 HD).

Happy safe watching, Thronies!

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Avengers: Endgame Tickets Are Selling For MORE THAN RM37,000 On eBay




Just when you think you’ve seen overpriced tickets…

A pair of movie tickets to watch ‘Avengers: Endgame’ premiere in New York is selling on eBay for USD$9,199 and converted to Malaysian Ringgit, it’s MILES beyond our paycheck at RM37,541.12!!!


What’s even more surprising is that dah ada seorang bid doh! The tickets aren’t even on the premiere date (the US premiere date for the film is on the 25th April) or for the best seats in the theatre! They’re just a pair of mid-row seats tickets, three days after the premiere screening. Talk about being unnecessarily expensive!


According to Reuters, a single ticket on eBay for a first-day IMAX screening in Hollywood is already selling for $500. Starting bids for other tickets were around $35 each.

Fandango and Atom, two ticketing websites in the United States, has said that first-day advance sales for ‘Avengers: Endgame’ surpassed ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’.

Fans on Twitter have also reported long waits online and tech problems when trying to buy tickets.

Besides eBay, popular shopping app and website, Carousell, has users re-selling premiere tickets for up to RM95 a pair!

Do you think the movie is worth getting re-sell tickets?

By Dzamira Dzafri

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A Msian Football Super Fan Kena Featured In UK Newspaper For His Liverpool Fan Theory!




Image via YouTube

We don’t know what it is about football that Malaysians love so much, but love it they do! Confirm in any group of friends, there will be at least one football super fan who knows so much about football, that it sounds like they’re speaking in another language when they talk about the sport.

And one of these guys just managed to get featured in an article in a Britain newspaper, the Daily Star for his fan theory of Liverpool’s campaign this season.

Govind Vellusamy was featured on Stadium Astro’s Man On The Streets segment where he sat down with former Liverpool defender Dominic Matteo and discussed Liverpool, their campaign this season, and their players.

Liverpool and Manchester City have been battling for the top spot in the Premier League for the majority of this season. Yesterday, Liverpool faced Tottenham and won. Putting the Reds two points ahead of Manchester City.

Liverpool’s campaign this season is a stark contrast to what it was last season, which saw them finish 25 points behind Manchester City. Although they managed to make the Champoins League final, losing 3-1 to Real Madrid.

After that, Jurgen Klopp made several changes to his squad, bringing in goalkeeper Alisson and Virgil van Dijk. The new lineup saw the Reds losing just one game in the Premier League this season.

But Govind thinks the Reds are overachieving.

“Look at what Manchester City achieved last season.

I never expected us to be two points ahead of them, going toe-to-toe. 

City last season were like a monster. 

Yes, Liverpool got to the Champions League final but they were nowhere near City in the league.”

We’re no football expert but Govind’s views must’ve been pretty controversial to get the Daily Star to quote him!

Do you agree with Govind’s views? Tell us in the comments!

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