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Our Ex-PM Najib Razak Made An Appearance In A K-Drama!



It appears that our ex-prime minister, Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak, is making quite a name for himself in Korea!

Over the weekend, Malaysian Twitter users spotted the politician making a cameo in a popular South Korean TV drama titled Terrius Behind Me (aka My Secret Terrius).

The scene shows our former PM appearing on the TV screen in the background. According to Hype, the shot seems to be taken when Najib was first detained in early July. Awkward…

Naturally, Twitter users had a field day and took to none other than social media to share their amazement.

This isn’t Najib’s first cameo though. Previously, the Najib-clown cartoon created by Malaysian artist Fahmi Reza made an appearance in a K-pop music video.

You can enjoy the full music video below while you ponder what it is about Najib that keeps getting him in South Korean entertainment.

K-pop music video: check. K-drama: check. Hmm, maybe an appearance in a Korean movie next?

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