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That Story About The Bangkok Vegetarian Restaurant That Served Customers The Meat Of A Murdered Man Is Fake!



Finding something that shouldn’t be in your food at a restaurant is truly a horrible experience.

Last week, a story about vegetarian customers at a vegetarian restaurant finding meat in their food made its rounds online. Worse, the herbivores weren’t just served meat… it was human flesh!

Yep. That bizarre story made headlines and was picked up by several major English language news outlets like Vice, Newsweek, and Daily Mail. Well, you might be relieved (or disappointed, we don’t know what you like) to know that the story is fake. The part about the dead man is real though.

The story had apparently been quoted from Asia One, who had in turn translated the story from Singapore’s largest Chinese-language newspaper, Zaobao, who had sourced the story from Oriental Daily.

According to Coconuts Bangkok, Thai police investigators said that the restaurant in question wasn’t even open during the days leading up to the murder, which was deduced to have occurred on 21 October.

The murder suspect, Boonyuen Kamtawee, was the restaurant owner’s brother, and he was being paid to work on its construction. The victim, Prasit Inpatjom, 61, was also receiving money for helping Boonyuen out. The pair was often seen drinking together late at night.

Around the time the murder happened however, Boonyuen disappeared. Two days later (23 Oct), the restaurant owner came back to his restaurant and couldn’t find anyone there, causing him to alert the police.

Blood and bits of brain were found spattered across the kitchen, and Prasit’s body was found in the septic tank behind the restaurant. Prasit’s family identified his body from the tattoo on his chest.

On 27 October, Boonyuen turned himself in to the police after an arrest warrant was issued. But he has refused to cooperate with Thai police and is now working with his lawyer to defend himself in court.

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