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A Look Back At Five Times When People Were Total Jerks To Service Staff



The job of a service employee isn’t easy. Any employee that has to deal with customers on a regular basis will at some point have to deal with some crap. Most manifest themselves in harmless insults, but every once in a while, someone crosses the line.

1. An MMA Fighter Got Into A Brawl With Security Guards For Not Letting Him Into The Building

A man, believed to be a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, showed up at a condominium in Subang Jaya to visit a relative living there. The Star reported that the security guards had been told by the relative to not allow the man to enter the building. The man then got angry with the guards for not letting him in and began to threaten them, ensuing in a scuffle.

Lucky for the security guard, his mates came to back him up and they managed to subdue the man. The man later released a statement apologising for what happened, saying that he didn’t intend to seriously hurt the security guard.

2. A Dato’ Seri Assaulted Three RELA Officers Who Asked Him To Move His Car

A 29-year-old “Dato’ Seri” allegedly assaulted three RELA personnel after they asked him to move his Toyota Vellfire. His vehicle was reportedly blocking a road near the Kao Ong Yah Temple in Kampung Baru Ampang.

The Dato’ Seri took their request as a sign of disrespect, got angry and started to kick and punch the RELA members.

Later, before his arrest, the Dato’ Seri offered the RELA members RM10,000 each to withdraw their case against him, to which they refused.

3. A Group Of Mat Rempits Beat Up An Ambulance Driver And Nurse For Asking Them To Give Way

A 53-year-old ambulance driver and a nurse were transporting a patient from Parit Buntar Hospital to Taiping Hospital. At some point it their journey, they came across a group of mat rempits believed to be racing illegally.

As specified by Berita Harian, the driver foresaw that their activity could affect the ambulance’s journey, so he used the speaker to request them to give way. However, the mat rempits got angry and proceeded to block the ambulance from moving.

The teenagers then forced open the ambulance door, pulled the driver out and began to beat him up.

The nurse, who was attending to the patient in the back, tried to break up the fight, but she ended up being kicked by the boys.

4. A “Datuk” Assaulted A Car Park Attendant Over RM3 Parking Fee

An alleged “Datuk” approached a parking attendant’s booth and proceeded to shove, scold and hit him. According to The Star, the Datuk was angry at the parking attendant for not raising the boom gate for him to leave the hotel. The parking attendant didn’t raise the boom gate because the Datuk hadn’t paid the RM3 parking fee yet.

After the news went viral, the Datuk decided to apologise—or to jaga muka, who knows—and treated the parking attendant to a meal:

Kuasa viral. Lelaki berpangkat dato ini tiba-tiba jadi baik dan belanja makan pengawal yang dibelasahnya..

Posted by Ibrahim Mat Isa on Thursday, 11 October 2018

Here’s to hoping the Datuk doesn’t make the same mistake twice!

5. Motorcyclist Beat Up Petrol Pump Attendant For Refuelling The Wrong Petrol

A motorcyclist went to a petrol station with a group of his friends to pump fuel. When the motorcyclist purchased his fuel, he didn’t specify to the pump attendant which type of fuel he wanted; so the pump attendant keyed in the purchase as RON95.

Upon realising this, the motorcyclist confronted the pump attendant and dragged him out from behind the counter to the refuelling area. The boy apologised, but the man proceeded to hit him several times and kicked him to the ground. He even threw a can of drink at the boy.

[arve url=”https://content.jwplatform.com/players/c0i1q3QZ-ZSOjCrQR.html” /]

[arve url=”https://content.jwplatform.com/players/1W69g7vm-ZSOjCrQR.html” /]

Luckily, the man’s friends were level headed and pulled the boy away from the angry motorcyclist.

These stories should serve as a reminder to both customers and service staff. As a customer, you should always treat your service staff with respect. And for the service staff, if a customer ever flips out on you, or worse, gets physical, call for help from your supervisor, try to stay calm, and alert the police.

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