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Food Delivery Service Rider Strives To Make Honest Living Despite Disability



Some Malaysians are so blinded by the thought of wealth. They don’t know how to appreciate the virtues of making an honest living nor do they ever stop to consider how their methods might affect the people around them.

You have able-bodied people doing anything from smashing car windows and snatching bags, to selling drugs or beauty products that actually do more harm than good, just to make a quick and easy buck.

So, when we see a clearly disabled man, who could have easily chosen to beg or depend on other people for financial gain, who is instead striving to make an honest living, even if it is just a couple of hundred ringgit a week, and we can’t help but feel humbled and inspired.

Syahrain Fadzil is a full-time rider for a food delivery service, and he makes an honest weekly income of RM600 to RM800. His story was shared by Twitter user Pocket Guy recently, who was also inspired when Syahrain turned up at his door to deliver his food.

When asked if he faces any issues carrying out his work, Syahrain said “none,” explaining that he was “just used to it.” Many Twitter users applauded Syahrain for his hard work, honesty and patience.

Incase you were wondering, this is how Syahrain rides his motorcycle.

Bravo to you Syahrain! Malaysia is proud to have you as one of our own!

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