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Google’s Year In Search Reveals Malaysians Love For TV Dramas



You’re talking about movies with friends and there’s this film you must tell them about. What was it called? You grab your phone, get your answer and the conversation proceeds uninterrupted.

These days, people turn to Google for everything. Not just movie titles, but from what’s happening in the world, to where you should go for dinner— Google is the one-stop internet source for anything you want to know.

Google processes, on average, over 40,000 search queries every second, and about 1.2 trillion searches every year. All that data then gets totalled up every year for Google’s annual “Year in Search”. Last year featured BR1M, SEA Games and Aiman Tino as top searched topics in Malaysia.

For this year, this is what Malaysians were most curious about:

1. World Cup


Football fever is hot in Malaysia, and the World Cup gripped Malaysia (and the UK, where this was also the top search for 2018) as we watched France take home the trophy.

2. SPR

This year ended up being a historical election year, and many searched for the ElectionCommission as eligible voters checked their status and election results.

3. Astro Awani

The news channel and site has been the go-to source for news while they covered pre, during and post GE-14 news.

4. “Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu”

This romantic drama was an adaptation of the 2010 novel of the same title by Siti Rosmizah, featuring local actors, Farid Kamil and Nelydia Senrose. The TV series trended when lead actor, Farid Kamil was controversially detained by police.

5. “延 禧 攻略 (Story of Yanxi Palace)”

The period piece generated a buzz online for it’s engaging “Cinderella”-like plot which has the heroine fight fire with fire and outmanoeuvring her opponents instead of cowering in the corner for a man to save her. It is also the most viewed Chinese language drama of 2018.

6. BR1M

The financial aid program appears in the top 10 searches this year as well after the new government took over, as people had questions on whether the financial aid would continue.

7. “Kekasih Paksa Rela”

Another romantic drama adapted from a local novel. Directed by Idora Abdul Rahman, the story revolves around a forbidden love between a married couple.

8. Najib

After the historical change in government, followed by lengthy investigations into his alleged misappropriations, the former premier was also the most searched person in Malaysia of 2018.

9. “Jangan Benci Cintaku”

Proving that we Malaysians really love our TV dramas, “Jangan Benci Cintaku”, also an adaptation of a novel by the same name, is the third TV drama that made the top 10 most searched topic in Malaysia of 2018.

10. Mahathir

The oldest prime minister in Malaysia and the world, Mahathir is also the second most searched person in Malaysia of 2018, right behind Najib.

Speaking about the Google Year in Search 2018, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at Google Malaysia, Zeffri Yusof, said:

“As Google Search continues to be the destination for discovery and topical exploration for Malaysians, we reflect on the prminent search trends, popular individuals, and major events that not only sum up our current times, but also eventually our history books.”

What a year it has been, hasn’t it?

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