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It’s 2019! Take A Look At What You Can Look Forward To This Year!



We made to 2019! Happy New Year! With a new year comes new expectations, here are the top 5 things you can look forward to!

1. No More Smoke in Your Face when You Eat!

The no smoking ban comes into place on 1st January and will see smokers banned from lighting up at all eateries.

Offenders will face an RM10,000 fine.

However, smokers are still able to smoke in public, they just have to do it 3 meters away from any eatery.

Restaurant operators are also responsible in playing a role to enforce this new ban. The eateries must display clear “No Smoking” signs as well as enforce the law and ensure their customers do not smoke, or they would be fined as well.

2. No More Turtle-Murdering Plastic Straws!

Stock up on reusable straws or kick the habit completely, as KL, Putrajaya and Labuan are enforcing a strict “No Straw” policy at all outlets that serve food and drinks.

A full-on ban will only be enforced in 2020 but awareness campaigns will start in 2019, and it’ll also be included in the conditions for business licences.

Exemptions will be given to the handicapped and sick who need straws and plastic items to help in their daily lives.

3. Pay More to Fly…

If you’re planning on travelling in 2019, be aware of the new departure levy that will be imposed by the government on all flight passengers.

You’ll have to pay RM20 if you’re flying to an Asean country, and RM40 for non-Asean destinations.

4. But Pay Less for Public Transport!

All hail the rail and bus pass!

For just RM100 a month, you can take as many train and bus journeys as you like! However, this sweet deal does not include KTM journeys.

If you’ll only be taking buses, you can opt for the RM50 pass instead.

5. Cheaper Petrol! Yay!

For those of us who drive, 1st January marks the implementation of the weekly fuel price float system. This could mean lower RON 95 prices!

The government is also giving out a RM0.30 subsidy per litre of petrol for selected cars and motorcycles. However, the subsidy will only come into force in the second half of the year.

What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

Written by Irene Chooi

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