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Brace Yourself; High Tides Are Coming To Malaysia!


Brace Yourself; High Tides Are Coming To Malaysia!

Ever since we entered the monsoon transition season, several parts of our country have been troubled with pretty bad floods. Unfortunately, it seems that the weather isn’t gonna get much better.

Yesterday, The Star reported that the National Disaster Control Centre in Putrajaya issued a warning for those who are living in the coastal areas of Sabah, Sarawak and the Peninsular. According to them, there’ll be a surge in tidal waves that may reach up to 4.9m high, possibly resulting in widespread flash floods across the country.

The surge in tidal waves was reported to have begun yesterday, and will last until tomorrow.

The National Disaster Control Centre has requested that Bomba, District Offices, and the Drainage and Irrigation Department to be on high alert for any eventualities.

In the past month, several areas have experienced some serious floods from the heavy rain. Klang alone has been flooded twice!

To those who live in these coastal areas as well as those in areas prone to flash foods, make sure you prepare an evacuation plan and find appropriate shelter, okay! Stay safe!

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