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Man Attempts Suicide At KLCC, Gets Mocked By Malaysians Instead



Suicide usually occurs when a person feels they have run out of solutions to problems that they face in life. To them, these problems seem inescapable, intolerably painful, and never-ending. But, suicide is a permanent solution to problems that are actually temporary. Trite though it is, “all things come to pass.”

A 49-year old Chinese man must’ve been experiencing these very feelings on Saturday (24 Nov) when he stood at the edge of the main corridor barrier of Suria KLCC’s sixth floor and threatened to jump if anyone went near him.

The authorities reported that the fire department received a distress call regarding the incident at 4.52pm and deployed fifteen personnel, who installed a net on the first floor as a precautionary measure. After more than two hours, it was during a moment of distraction that rescuers managed to grab the man and haul him to safety.

While there are many speculations as to why the man wanted to end his life, there have been some details of the man’s situation that have been revealed.

According to NST, about an hour before the man threatened to jump from Suria KLCC’s sixth floor, he met with Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng.

Lim shared the information via a Facebook post several hours after the incident. Lim did not clarify what exactly it was that the man demanded, though China Press reported that the man had wanted the MP to accompany him to a police station to lodge a police report.

However, as Lim had an urgent meeting to attend to, he could not immediately cater to the man’s request. Instead, Lim asked him for his contact details so that he could contact him later. The man was infuriated by this and shouted at Lim before storming out of the office and apparently making a beeline for Suria KLCC.

Bomba and police personnel present at the scene believe that the man is suffering from mental health issues as he kept talking about different problems he has been facing in his life, but he couldn’t keep to one story.

During the standoff, he had complained that his wife divorced him and took their child with her. He also claimed that he had been hypnotised by a woman who misused his credit cards and cheated him out of RM60K.

Whatever the man’s reasons for wanting to end his life, several people at the scene of the incident were disturbingly ridiculing him, laughing at him and some even encouraged him to jump.

Here were some of the tweets that were posted during the time of the incident, showing how insensitive some Malaysians were to this man’s plight.

Translation: “Taking so long to jump”

Translation: “He wants to jump? Please request that he does a backflip”

Translation: “The suicide attempt at KLCC earlier today is called being dramatic. Just tie bricks to your legs and jump into a river, so much easier. If you really want to look for publicity, then join MENTOR OTAI, it’s so much more awesome. If you’re lucky you can even become a celebrity.”

Translation: “The person who tried to kill themselves in KLCC just now is such an idiot. So uncivilised”

Translation: “Dying in KLCC would be so GRAND 🤘🏼”

Translation: “While everyone else was busy watching the fire brigade trying to save the Chinese guy attempting suicide, I was busy choosing what to eat from a menu. My hunger was more important, if I don’t eat, then I could die, and who would save me?!”

Translation: “The time it’s taking for him to just jump is pissing me off. He’s already smashed his phone on the metal railing and thrown that down. He’s even thrown his wallet. Unfortunately, there’s already a safety net on standby for him on the first floor. So, he can forget about killing himself. Maybe he can just try slitting his wrists at home instead.”

Translation: “Of all places to commit suicide, KLCC is the place he chooses. He obviously just wants to become viral. Wouldn’t it be easier for him to just sit on some train tracks? No one would stop him then. If, of course, he really wants to commit suicide la

It was reported that the man has since been handed to the police for further action. In case you didn’t know, attempting suicide is considered a crime in Malaysia. According to section 309 of the Penal Code, whoever attempts to commit suicide will be faced with imprisonment for up to one year or a fine or both.

This man’s case has resulted in The Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) urging the government to review the existing laws to not criminalise those who attempt suicide.

Malaysiakini reported that MCPF senior vice-chairperson Lee Lam Thye noted that affected persons are not criminals, but may be suffering from mental illnesses, such as depression. He added that these people must be given psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation.

“Criminalising depressed persons or those who are mentally sick is inhumane, unthinkable and unacceptable,”

When faced with someone who wants to end their life, what do you think would be the best course of action? Should we entertain the topic with them? Or should we shut them down, and tell them to stop being dramatic? Or, do we threaten them with punishment to prevent them from considering the idea of suicide in the first place?

If you or anyone you know may be at risk of suicide, ending your life is not a solution. Despite what it feels like right now, things will change, eventually. Please reach out for help. The Befrienders are a free 24-hour counseling service that you can reach at 03-79568145.

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Malaysians Are Applauding The Kind Bomba Personnel Who Saved Four Puppies From A Fire




Fireman Zainy Hazmat shared a post showing him and his Bomba mates rescuing four puppies from a fire caused by open burning at Padang Serai, Kedah on Monday (Feb 18).

Operasi kebakaran hutan di padang serai..Binatang juga memerlukan kasih sayang dari kita..bila tengok keadaan anak2…

Posted by Zainy Hazmat on Monday, 18 February 2019

Zainy was concerned over the puppies’ wellbeing so he used a bottle cap to give them water.  The firemen then used the water hose from their firetruck to cool the puppies down with a shower.

“I was afraid that the puppies might suffer from the heat, inhalation of smoke and dehydration.”

Posted by Zainy Hazmat on Monday, 18 February 2019

Posted by Zainy Hazmat on Monday, 18 February 2019

His Facebook post was well received, with many Malaysians applauding the kind act of the firemen.

Zainy concluded his post urging people to stop the act of open burning.

“Let’s not be irresponsible by continuing the act of open burning. There are many people and other living things that suffer from the effects that it brings.” 

He also posted an update on the puppies, saying that they’re doing really well.

Alhamdulillah..semua selamat…boleh minum air ..,kena mandi 😄😄..segar terus …Sayangi lah binatang sebab binatang juga merupakan makhluk allah s.w.tDimuka bumi ini…

Posted by Zainy Hazmat on Monday, 18 February 2019

Good job, Abams! Your kindness towards the innocent animals are a wonderful example for Malaysians everywhere!

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EC Chairman Art Harun Uploads A Photo With His Daughter, Twitterjaya Responds By Calling Him “Abah”




It turns out that lawyer turned Election Commission chairman Azhar Harun has a really pretty daughter.

The 57-year-old Kedahan recently tweeted a really sweet birthday wish for his daughter. The tweet was accompanied by a selfie of himself with her, having lunch. And man, did Twitter respond! But, probably not in the way Art Harun expected.

Big mistake Art Harun! Happy birthday to your daughter!

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A Local Graduate Gains Worldwide Fame From His Creative Post on LinkedIn!




Being able to stand out from the crowd is usually a good way to secure yourself a chance to get a job. And this Malaysian proved just that with his creative CV on LinkedIn!


Azmil Hakim recently posted his very unique way to get hired on the networking site, LinkedIn, and it went viral!

He posted a photo of an empty chair across him and started the post with “Hi, I’m looking for an interviewer to fill this seat,” and got the attention of employers from all over the globe!

Several employers from huge corporations across the world praised him for his creativity and reached out on his post, all keen to hire him as their employee!

The post now has over 15,420 likes and 886 comments, with some saying that he shouldn’t be in Human Resource but Marketing instead.


We are certainly impressed with his approach to getting a job! Good luck, Azmil!

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DPM Wan Azizah Is Accused of Victim Blaming After Advising Women To Avoid Travelling Alone.




The nation was shocked last week when a video of a man brutally attacking and robbing a woman inside a lift was shared on social media. The shockingly violent 6.45am incident was captured by CCTV installed in the lift. The incident reportedly took place at the Taman Mutiara MRT station in Cheras on Valentine’s Day.

Commenting on the incident, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail urged women to avoid travelling alone, especially during the wee hours as there is always a safety risk.

She said that it is important for women to take care of themselves and learn some basic self-defence techniques to protect themselves.

“These are things you have to take into account… we have to be careful and take care of ourselves.

Don’t travel alone as much as you can (especially) during the wee hours when there are not many people. There is always a risk.

Self-defence may not be so easy but you need to learn a bit for yourselves,”

She also stated that there needs to be an overall safety and monitoring mechanism, adding that she thinks there should be security escorts at train stations to accompany female commuters who are alone. However, she believed it would be difficult to find people to work as security escorts during the early hours.

She also stated that everyone needs to take responsibility for their own safety.

After news sites published her statement, her comments received a backlash by Malaysian netizens on Twitter. They accused her of victim blaming, stressing that she should have said that assault and robbery of anyone would not be tolerated and those found guilty of such crimes would be punished severely.

An article by Psychology Today explains why victim blaming happens, saying that the tendency to blame the victim may be programmed into the human mind at a very basic level.

“Psychologists believe that our tendency to blame the victim may originate, paradoxically, in a deep need to believe that the world is a good and just place.”

On a daily basis, we’re bombarded with news of pretty scary events. If we were truly rational creatures, we would feel utterly terrified. After all, these events could happen to us.

“So, if you’re not terrified, ask yourself why.
If you’re like most people, your answer is probably something like, “because it won’t happen to me.” But why wouldn’t it? Why wouldn’t you be vulnerable to the same events that everyone else is?”

According to University of Massachusetts psychologist Ronnie Janoff-Bulman, On some level, most of us believe that that the world is a fair place, that good things happen to good people, and bad things happen to bad people.

We’re not stupid, of course. We all know that bad things happen to good people too. But, despite this realization, most of us still believe that the world is basically fair. This is why we have sayings like, “What goes around comes around.”

Our need to maintain a belief that the world is fair may be the reason for our tendency to blame victims. When bad things happen to someone who seems a lot like us, this threatens our belief. If that person could fall victim to rape, assault, robbery, or attack, perhaps we could, too. To comfort ourselves we psychologically separate ourselves from the victim and wonder if they had done something to invite the tragedy.

The problem is that this mindset sacrifices another person’s well-being for our own comfort. It overlooks the reality that perpetrators are to blame for acts of crime and violence, not victims.

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Even The Mufti Has Spoken Up About Suhaimi Saad’s Flat Earth Theory.




Social media AND the news have been kept busy with Suhaimi Saad. The local nasyid singer has been open about his conspiracy theories, namely being a proud supporter of the Flat Earth theory and Anti-vax movement. His views have been getting him into fiery online debates with many Malaysians, netizens and otherwise.

The whole issue is getting so out of hand (or maybe it’s just Suhaimi Saad’s stubbornness) that Malaysia’s first astronaut or Angkasawan, Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustapha was pulled into it and had to write a response.

View this post on Instagram

Pic – Is the Earth flat ? Hati ini terdetik untuk menjawab desas desus mengenai persoalan di atas … Sebagai Angkasawan Islam yang ke 9 menerokai angkasa lepas , adalah menjadi tanggungjawab untuk diri ini menceritakan fakta sebenar … Mengelilingi Bumi sebanyak 16 kali sehari Setiap 45 minit matahari terbit dan terbenam Mengelilingi Orbit dengan kelajuan 27000km/hr Laungan Azan kedengaran seketika Bibir terkumat kamit terpegun dengan kebesaran Illahi Melihat Bumi dengan mata sendiri Degupan jantung berhenti seketika Meremang Bulu Roma Mata tidak terkebil Melihat Kebesaran Maha Pencipta Amat sukar untuk digambarkan suasana di angkasalepas … Bergetar jiwa sepanjang 12 hari di sana MasyaAllah …SubhanAllah … And the Earth is spherical in shape . Geosphere to be exact . Squashed at the poles and bulged at the Equator . Not like a ball but more to an egg . Every human being should go to space if given the opportunity . It changes your perspective on life as a whole . It makes you a true believer on the Creator The experience is truly amazing and spectacular. It’s hard to change the minds of the flat-Earth believers But here I am sharing you my experience of what I have seen . In the name of Allah it comes from my heart Salam Jumaat Everyone … Semoga mendapat Barakah semua . Amiinn … Love As Always … PS – Just wanted to straighten the facts !

A post shared by Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (@drsheikhmuszaphar) on

Now, Federal Territories Mufti Datuk Zulkifli Mohd Al-Bakri has jumped into the ring too, criticising flat Earth conspiracy theorists. He said there is indisputable agreement by Islamic scholars and astronomers that the Earth is spherical in shape. His office said they have been overwhelmed with queries about the issue, and they called the false belief of the Earth is flat as a “cancer” among the society.

“We stress here that the nature of Earth is round. We state that the denial of Earth’s round nature is a misguided opinion, what more it is against indisputable ijma’.”

(ijma’ is an Arabic term that can be roughly translated to “consensus.”)

The mufti provided a Quranic verse 39:5 to back his argument. The verse says:

“He created the heavens and earth in truth. He wraps the night over the day and wraps the day over the night and has subjected the sun and the moon, each running [its course] for a specified term.”

He also provided a list of Islamic scholars’ interpretation of why the Earth is spherical, despite several Quranic verses that can be understood as saying the Earth is flat in nature and quoted Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustapha, Malaysia’s first astronaut or Angkasawan, who had responded to Suhaimi Saad telling him that the Earth is indeed spherical, although shaped more like an egg.


Critisising those who buy into flat Earth conspiracy theory, the mufti’s office said human’s understandings of nature are different, since humans are limited to their own five senses.

“However, advancement and evolution of scientific knowledge and technology has helped humans in giving comprehensive explanation of human life,”

You can read a full statement by the mufti’s office via the post below:

BAYAN LINNAS SIRI 166: POLEMIK FLAT EARTH: SISI PANDANG ISLAMPautan ke laman web PMWP: http://www.muftiwp.gov.my/ms/artikel/bayan-linnas/3127-bayan-linnas-siri-166-polemik-flat-earth-sisi-pandang-islam

Posted by Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan on Sunday, 17 February 2019

Steadfast in his beliefs, Suhaimi Saad responded to the mufti’s statement via a post on his Facebook profile.

INI BALASAN ss UNTUK PEJABAT MUFTIBismillah.Tanpa mengurangi sedikit pun rasa hormat ss terhadap seluruh para…

Posted by Mosus on Sunday, 17 February 2019

Here’s a translation of his post:


Without diminishing any amount of respect I have for all the asatizah, scholars and mufti on their explanation, I would just like to say:

Thank you.


Their explanation will not prevent me from continuing to study and prove the true truths. InshaAllah

Hand to Allah,

Behind me there and thousands, maybe even millions of people around the world who are still studying and not believing that the earth is not a sphere.

I have never interpreted the Al-Quran on my own but only read the same interpretation that you all have.

Have you read and understood it?

Hand to Allah,

I fear and will not ‘say’ anything that Allah and His Messenger has not said.

Until today,

I still believe and stick to the fatwa and opinion of two ulamas who have been laughed at by the majority of this ummah.

1. Sheikh Ibn Baaz (former mufti of Saudi Arabia)

2. Sheikh Ibn Soleh Al ‘Uthaimin.


I think and believe that they are more ‘alim and tsiqqah than many of the scholars of this age.

What’s more, he says that the fatwa is the consensus of the salaf ulama. (please refer to the video below)

The Al Quran is never wrong

It is always the fault of humans who fail to interpret and understand the meaning of Allah’s verses because of their weakness of faith and worldly influence.

There is a difference between an oval shaped raw egg and a circular omelette.



I apologise on this khilaf and slander.

Hopefully, what has happened will be asbab for all of us to continue to learn and understand, and practice the contents of the Qur’an in accordance with the will of Allah and His Messenger

Allahumma amiiin.

SubhanaKAllahumma wa bihamdiKa

Asyhadu an la ilaha illa Anta


Wa atubu ilayK.

WAllahu a’lam”


It seems like Suhaimi refuses to believe anyone who tells him that the Earth is indeed a sphere, neither scientist nor ulama. And especially not Malaysian netizens.

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This Msian Influencer Thought An Internet Challenge Encouraging People To Steal Was A Smart Idea




Internet challenges have had a history of sometimes being downright dumb and dangerous. Think about the #TidePodChallenge, the #InMyFeelingsChallenge/#KikiChallenge and the #BirdBoxChallenge.

But before this, we could at least be proud that none of these challenges was started by Malaysians. Instead, the kind of challenges we started had meaning, like Maya Karin’s #RiverOfLife challenge.

Now we can be proud no more. Cause one of our influencers thought it would be smart to encourage people to steal.


The #JanganBayarChallenge (#DontPayChallenge) was started by a local influencer, Zairulgriezmann, when he uploaded a video of him and a friend telling each other not to pay for things at a mall. They then casually take the item and walk away instead, leaving cashiers confused.

Understandably, the video received backlash from netizens who condemned their behaviour which they said was akin to theft.

After all the backlash, Zairulgriezmann’s friend in the video posted a statement on his IG stories explaining that the whole thing was an act and they had paid the cashiers up front before filming.

Meanwhile, Zairulgriezmann explained things to mStar, saying:

“We only made the video because we thought it would be entertaining for my followers. We already made an agreement with those involved in the video.

They are all my friends. We already paid for our items before filming. We asked for their (the staff’s) permission before going ahead with the video.

I guess a lot of people genuinely thought we didn’t pay since the video showed us walking away. It’s our fault as well for not clarifying what really happened.

We apologise and take all the comments as something positive. We all make mistakes and while we cannot turn back the clock, I suppose we will make videos that are better suited to society here.”

Since then, Zairulgriezmann uploaded this photo on his instagram with a #DahBayar (#AlreadyPaid)

Glad Zairulgriezmann and friends learnt their lesson!

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The KJ LRT Line Suffered Technical Difficulties This Morning That Contributed To The Massive Crawl In KL




We’ve all been through our fair share of awful traffic delays on Mondays. But today’s jam in Kuala Lumpur was worse than usual!


It all started with a whole lot of rain in the earlier part of the morning. Thunderstorms were reported in the Klang Valley, which started around 2am and lasted until 5am.

Then, at around 7am, Rapid KL tweeted about technical difficulties at the LRT from the KLCC line til the Kelana Jaya line.

And of course, this caused outrage on social media, with many Malaysians worrying that they’d be late on the first day of the week.

Rapid KL updated the public frequently about the situation, with a picture of the technical team trying to fix the issue. They also advised commuters to take buses that had been specially provided to ferry them between the KLCC Station to KL Sentral.

The problem with the LRT also affected traffic surrounding LRT stations. According to Astro Radio Traffic, traffic was especially horrible near the Bangsar LRT station, as there was a MASSIVE 2 hour plus delay from Jalan Templer and Taman Desa on the NPE towards Jalan Bangsar.

Traffic was also very bad for most of the Klang Valley's main roads and highways.

Meanwhile, Rapid KL has clarified that a signalling fault was to blame for this morning's disruption. This small power unit is the main cause of the 19-train failure. However, the rail operator has assured LRT commuters that they do maintenance on the system every month.


Anyway, if you were stuck in terrible traffic this morning and needed proof to show your boss it wasn't your fault for being late, you're welcome!

By Dzamira Dzafri

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Somebody Put Cheese On Char Kuey Teow And Malaysians Are Offended




Malaysians are obviously big on food, and we don’t like it when people mess with our favourite dishes.


Yet, some people just seem to like ruining things for others. First, there were the people who added cheese to nasi lemak, creating this monstrosity.

Now, a stall in Cyberjaya has defiled char kuey teow by liberally drizzling cheese sauce onto it. The offensive dish is sold for RM7 a plate.

Twitter user @ShibliVision shared photos of him trying the dish. His tweet blew up with the majority of respondents not taking the idea of eating char kuey teow with cheese too well.

UNFORTUNATELY, the cheesy char kuey teow was so viral that it ended up intriguing Malaysians. So much so, that many actually visited the stall to try it for themselves. According to @ShibliVision, on 5th February, the stall, which operates between 6.30pm – 1.30am, had served over 100 plates of cheesy char kuey teow by 9pm!


Would you try the cheesy char kuey teow? Tell us in the comments!

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Should Malaysia Bar Paralympic Israeli Swimmers From Competing In The Country?




Malaysia recently disallowed the Israeli Paralympic Swimmers from competing in Malaysia, which resulted in us losing the right to host the tournament.

Hafidz Baharom is a columnist from The Sun Daily. He wrote a widely shared piece on the issue where he criticised Malaysia’s decision to not allow the Israeli swimmers from competing in our country, calling the decision a hypocritical one. Many Malaysians agreed with his stance.

Puan Seri Norma Hashim is the Treasurer of Viva Palestina Malaysia. She has been involved with the plight of the Palestinian people for several years and has published two books to share their stories.

We spoke to both of them to hear their thoughts on the issue.

On Malaysia Barring Paralympic Israeli Swimmers From Competing In Malaysia

Malaysia recently disallowed the Israeli Paralympic Swimmers from competing in Malaysia, which resulted in us losing the right to host the tournament.We spoke to Hafidz Baharom from The Sun Daily and Puan Seri Norma Hashim, Treasurer of Viva Palestina Malaysia to hear their thoughts on the issue.

Posted by SYOK on Tuesday, 12 February 2019

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Is The Course You’re Studying Accredited? Here’s How To Check!




Image via MMU Malaysia

With the recent news about some of our politicians coming under fire over their academic qualifications, there might be some of you out there who are concerned about whether your own degrees are genuine. Especially now, when there are so many colleges and online courses available.

As such, the Education Ministry is urging the public to exercise caution when taking up online courses from universities abroad.

Image via Study London

This is because the Private Higher Education Act is only applicable in Malaysia. Hence, it does not regulate foreign universities.

But, fret not. The Education Ministry has stepped in, urging students going abroad to check if their course is accredited on the Malaysian Qualifications Agency website. Here’s the link to the website so you can check if the uni and course you’re interested in are legit.


In Malaysia, the Ministry says unis and colleges must ensure all courses they introduce are accredited before the first batch of students graduate. Otherwise, the students’ qualifications will not be recognised by the government.

But to save you from that… just check if your uni is registered here!


Here’s some good news. The Ministry has actually been actively combating the mushrooming of private higher unis and colleges.

For the past 5 years, the number of such institutions has decreased to about 460, from over 500. This is after it imposed a ban on new unis and colleges in 2013, and shut down non-competitive institutions. You can also do your part by informing the Ministry if you’ve come across unregistered unis or colleges for them to take action.

Image via Air Charter Service

So, make sure you don’t graduate with a fake degree, coz applying for a job with such a degree can get you in serious trouble!

By Roshini Ravindran

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