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JPJ Officer Saves The Day With Her Sign Language Skills And Wins The Internet Too


JPJ Officer Saves The Day With Her Sign Language Skills And Wins The Internet Too

Many people don’t think that it’s necessary to learn a new language, but the truth is, being able to speak several languages isn’t only extremely impressive, it’s also very useful!

And this fact was proven recently, when a JPJ officer impressed Malaysians online with her ability to use sign language.

Nurul Fatihah Shamsudin Shah is a Road Transport Department (JPJ) officer, who learned to sign while she was in secondary school. She was living in the same hostel as a few disabled friends, and picked up sign language to communicate with them better.

The 27-year-old’s skills really paid off two weeks ago when she was able to help a deaf and mute couple at the JPJ Kuala Lumpur office. The couple came in to lodge a complaint against a driving institute that had received their payment but didn’t help them proceed with their driving license application process.

The couple was having a hard time making the report as they couldn’t communicate clearly with the JPJ officer handling their case. Then, another colleague asked Nurul Fatihah to help act as a translator.

Nurul Fatihah’s colleague recorded a short video of her being a translator and uploaded it onto social media. The video garnered praises and well wishes from Malaysian netizens.

The transport ministry has since acknowledged Nurul Fatihah’s exceptional service and awarded her with a certificate of appreciation.

The Ministry said that they are “very proud of Nurul Fatihah and would like to give her a little token of appreciation for her commitment in giving exceptional service to the disabled customers at the JPJ Kuala Lumpur office recently”.

Nurul Fatihah is an excellent example of a public servant and Malaysian! We are also so proud of her!

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