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Shh! KLIA And KLIA2 Will No Longer Be Making Anymore Flight Announcements



More and more airports are making the move to give their passengers the silent treatment, and KLIA has jumped on that bandwagon! Starting 1 December, both KLIA and klia2 are going ‘silent’.

The idea is to reduce noise pollution, such as the constant airport-wide announcements of final boarding calls and paging for late passengers, and ensure that passengers and visitors will pay attention when more important announcements are made instead.

Malaysia Airports Holding Bhd made the announcement of the change on Facebook:

And Malaysia Airlines addressed the issue on their Twitter account too, urging their passengers to refer to the digital information boards at the airport for flight updates. Their post is actually pretty cool:

The movement also aims to improve airport ambience, creating a calmer, and more relaxing environment for passengers to wind down and wait for their flight to board.

So, be mindful of the time while you do your shopping at the duty-free stores, and don’t miss your flight!

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