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This Local Woman Has Taken Playing Dress Up With Barbie To A Whole New Level!



Meet Erpha Ahdayani Othman, the 41-year-old entrepreneur and mother of two shares her experience on producing Silkstone Barbie gowns and her inspiring story will motivate you to achieve your big dreams!

Erpha, who hails from Kampung Dagang, Bekenu, has always admired the perfection of Barbie dolls. At the age of 10, she secretly used her mother’s sewing machine to stitch gowns for her dolls.

BINTULU, 26 Dis — Erpha Ahdayani Othman, 41, menunjukkan hasil gaun Silkstone Barbie yang dijahitnya sejak beberapa tahun lalu, sentiasa mendapat tempahan serta permintaan pengumpul anak patung itu terutama dari Amerika Syarikat. Antara rekaan gaun yang biasa dihasilkan ialah ‘pencil skirt’ dan ‘vintage dress’ ataupun ‘classic dress’. Setiap satu gaun dijual antara harga RM150-RM200, bergantung kepada jenis fabrik yang digunakan. –fotoBERNAMA (2018) HAK CIPTA TERPELIHARA

Little did she know, her little hobby would one day attract customers from all over the world, including the United States! Designer dresses for dolls are not common and because of this, the handmade dresses she makes are a big hit with doll enthusiasts worldwide.

Here’s what one of her customers said:

“The interest in sewing doll dresses was always within me, but this hobby was long abandoned but in recent years I have been keen on dressing Barbie dolls. Not only that, every dress I produce is a record in terms of size and design,” she added.

According to Erpha, sewing a small gown takes a lot of precision, as one millimeter can make a huge difference in the end result. Total focus is required to ensure that the quality of the gowns is maintained. Erpha also takes into account the types of fabric and patterns that she uses.

Seeing Erpha succeed in her little niche industry reminds us that there’s no better way to reach your dreams other than good old hard work and persistency! 

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