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10 Makan Places In Malaysia That Singaporeans Confirm Go Whenever They Are Here



Last week, Malaysians were in a rage when they found out that Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, asked Unesco to recognise the city state’s street vendors, or hawkers, as part of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage”.

Clearly offended by Singapore’s move, our foodies, chefs and social media users countered that Malaysia has the better street food compared to them. The criticisms prompted blow back from Singaporeans, who pointed out that two of their hawkers stalls have achieved Michelin stars.

So, who has the better food? Well, has anyone ever considered that maybe both of us have equally amazeballs makan options? In fact, there are many eateries in Malaysia that Singaporeans like to come and eat at, simply because the food there is good. And we’re sure Singapore has places Malaysians love to eat at too!

To prove this, we asked a few Singaporeans where they like to eat when they come to Malaysia. Here are 10 places as recommended by them. If you haven’t tried any of these, then you should STAT!

#1 Village Park Restaurant

Often touted as having the “best nasi lemak in town”, we’re not surprised Village Park made the list of Singaporeans’ favourite eating spots. Besides the basic nasi lemak, Village Park also offers various dishes as additional add-ons. One Singaporean raved over their ayam goreng rempah and sambal udang because “even the famous ones at Adam Rd and Changi Village Hawker Centre are tasteless”.

Opening times: 7am – 7.30pm (Mon – Sat); 7am – 6pm (Sun & Public Holidays)
Location: 5, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 PJ, Selangor
Tel: 03-7710 7860
Facebook: Village Park Restaurant

#2 Jalan Alor


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Bustling street of jalan alor… #sonya6500 #bealpha #vsco #jalanalor #kualalumpur #bustlingstreets

A post shared by Brian Lee (@brianlesiang) on

Located in the heart of KL, Jalan Alor’s Night Market is a must-visit while in KL. The market has many brightly-lit stalls to choose from and can get a little overwhelming but will always be worth the visit. Malaysians may find the ikan bakar to be a bit of a rip-off at RM188 for two, but Singaporeans seem to really enjoy the place.

Opening times: 11am – 4.30am (Mon – Sat); 11am – 12am (Sun)
Location: 21, Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, 50200 KL
Facebook: Jalan Alor 亚罗街



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Kuala Lumpur

A post shared by arifin finanda (@finandaarifin) on

We’re pretty sure Singapore has food trucks too, but maybe they don’t have an entire parking lot dedicated to them—because Singaporeans are thoroughly impressed with TAPAK. And we can see why. The impressive outdoor dining spot has what feels like an endless selection of food trucks parked around a dining area with small wooden tables and chairs where you can sit and eat.

If you haven’t been, don’t go on rainy evenings and be sure to clear your trash into one of the many bins available!

Opening times: 6pm – 12am (Daily)
Location: 2A, Persiaran Hampsire, Hampshire Park, 50450 KL
Tel: 016-554-7670
Facebook: TAPAK Urban Street Dining

#4 Wong Kee Restaurant 

Ask anyone in KL which restaurant serves the best siew yoke and Restoran Wong Kee will be named. Wong Kee roasts the pork himself in an alley behind the old-style coffee shop on Jalan Nyonya, Pudu, and scrapes the skin by hand to ensure it’s crispness. The result is stunning, tender, tasty meat with perfectly crispy skin. Each slice of pork is nice and thick too.

Be sure to arrive between 12.30pm and 3pm though, cause the staff won’t entertain orders before or after that no matter who you are or what you order. According to some Singaporeans, the owner is so famous, he’s got a datuk-ship. We can’t confirm this though.

Opening times: 12.30pm – 3pm (Daily)
Location: 30, Jalan Nyonya, Off Jalan Pudu, 55100 KL
Tel: 03-2145 2512
Facebook: Wong Kee(王美記海南雞飯店)

#5 Restoran Sate Kajang Hj Samuri

The best satay in the region is in Kajang, and Sate Kajang Hj Samuri is recommended. Their beef satay is tender and flavourful, and their chicken satay is juicy without having too much fat. They also offer fish, rabbit, and venison as well as chicken liver, gizzard and beef tripe satay, if you’re into that.

If you wanna bring kids, it’s good to know that their peanut sauce comes with sambal on the side, safe for the little ones or for those who don’t like to eat their food too spicy.

Opening times: 10.30am – 12.30am (Mon – Thurs); 4pm – 1am (Fri); 10.30am – 1am (Sat & Sun)
Location: Jalan Hishamuddin, Bandar Kajang, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
Tel: 03-8926 5624
Website: satekajang.com.my

#6 Selera Senibong Seafood 


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Dinner & supper

A post shared by Muhammad Bin Jamil (@ningi006) on

Seafood is one of Johor Bahru’s major attractions, and Selera Senibong Seafood is a huge seafood restaurant complex with several operators to choose from. Many recommend having siakap tiga rasa and grilled kerapu because the fish is really fresh here.

The restaurant has a great view of the sea too, and on a clear night, you can even see the city lights of Singapore while you enjoy your meal.

Opening times: 4pm – 2am (Mon – Sat); 4pm – 12am (Sun)
Location: Persiaran Pantai Senibong, Permas Jaya Johor (299.31 km), 81750 Kampong Senibong, Johor
Tel: 012-755 7327
Facebook: Selera Senibong Seafood

#7 Kedai Makan Lidiana

Penang has one of the most diverse food selection in Malaysia. So, if you’re tired of the usual Penang char kuey teow, oyster mee and asam laksa, then maybe it’s time to try out the Malay cuisine in the state. Lidiana has a huge array of cheap and authentic Malay food. According to one Singaporean, you can’t find this much variety in any of the nasi padang stalls in Singapore.

The ikan bakar, especially the ikan cincaru stuffed with sambal and onions, is a favourite and the ulam variety here is impressive.

Opening times: 7am – 4pm (Mon – Wed); 7am – 9pm (Fri & Sat); Closed on Sundays
Location: Medan Selera Tanjung Bunga (opposite Masjid Terapung), Tanjung Bunga, 10460 Georgetown, Penang
Tel: 016-415 8686
Facebook: Kedai Makan Lidiana

#8 Asam Pedas Claypot Laksamana 

There’s no better way to end a day in Malacca than to have some of this delicious, fiery and sour local dish for dinner. Served in claypots to retain its freshness and heat, Asam Pedas Claypot Laksamana is a popular asam pedas destination for Malaysians, locals, and apparently, it’s a favourite among Singaporeans too!

The most popular dishes here are the asam pedas ikan pari and asam pedas daging tetel.

Opening times: 6pm – 4am (Tue – Sun); Closed on Mondays
Location: 86, Jalan Laksamana 5, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka
Tel: 012-680 0790

#9 Castella Café

You’re gonna want to bring a change of clothes and a towel to this place. Forget enjoying your meal with a view of the sea, eat your meal while you sit in a river instead!

Castella Café has come up with a really unique dining experience, where customers sit on plywood or bamboo tables set up in the Sungai Air Beruk river while feasting on an array of Malay-Pattani noblemen dishes. If you don’t know what that means, it’s different types of freshwater fish, chicken, ulam and sambal (no such thing as a meal without sambal in Malaysia!).

You can’t find anything like this in Singapore and it’s really worth making your way to Perak for.

Opening times: 9am – 8pm (Daily)
Location: 35, Kampung Padang Stang, Mukim Kerunai, 33320 Gerik, Perak
Tel: 011-2050 3454
Facebook: Castella cafe

#10 Warung Ikan Celup Tepung Pok Nong 

If you’re travelling to Terengganu, one of the things you need to eat here is ICT, aka Ikan Celup Tepung. Even Singaporeans who visit Terengganu make sure they sample this famous local dish!

If you’re in Kuala Terengganu, then Warung Pok Nong is one of the more famous warungs that serve ICT. Located on Pantai Mengabang Telipot beach, it’s a 30 to 40-minute drive from Kuala Terengganu town. Besides the fish, make sure you try the sotong gunting, large juicy fried battered squid. The sotong is cut into smaller pieces while they’re still hot for easy consumption.

Opening times: 3.30pm – 8pm (Wed – Mon); Closed on Tuesdays
Location: A1693, Jalan Pantai, T145, Kampung Teliput, 21030 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
Tel: 09-612 7655
Facebook: Warung Pok Nong

Is your stomach growling yet? We’ll be exploring the best makan places Malaysians like to visit in Singapore next! Got some recommendations? Hit us up on Facebook!

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You Can Borrow eBooks And Audio Books From The National Library ONLINE, AND FOR FREE!




Voiced by Amazon Polly
Image via PNM

Unless you’re above 30, you probably never went to the National Library. It’s OK, we haven’t either. Nevertheless, it turns out that you don’t even have to go there to borrow books now!

Facebook user Jumie Mumie recently shared this news online and we are beyond amazed. According to her, the National Library has had a reading app this whole time, offering up to 14,000 book titles to borrow, all for free!

At first, we were a little sceptical. It cannot really be THAT easy, kan? OR, even if it was that easy, mesti their book selection will be boring. So we thought we’d check it out for ourselves.

Image via PNM

Turns out, they have a lot of books we’d actually like to read! This is a screenshot of just the first page and it doesn’t look too bad, guys. How did we not know about this sooner?!

If you’re interested in borrowing some books, here’s how you can do it.

1. Click here to go to the National Library website.

2. Browse through their book titles until you’ve decided on a book you’d like to borrow. Tip: Head over to “Collections” and choose from “Most Popular ebooks”. From there you can check out different genres too.

Image via PNM

3. Once you’ve decided on a book, click BORROW at the bottom of the title.

Image via PNM

4. You’ll then be redirected to this page:

Image via PNM

From the drop down menu on the left side, choose “Library card number”.

Image via PNM

The website will then ask you for a library card number. According to Jumie, you can type in anything between pnm001 to pnm999.

Image via PNM

We typed in pnm001 and managed to get through, no questions asked! Tip: We don’t recommend that you go with the “Sign in with Facebook” option. Only cause after signing in with Facebook, they still ask you for a library card number before you can borrow a book.

5. The website will then redirect you back to the book selection page and you’ll be prompted to confirm that you’d like to borrow the book. Click on “Borrow”.

Image via PNM

6. You then have the option to download the ebook or just read it directly from your browser.

Image via PNM

It might be important to note that this is the procedure for when you’re visiting the website via a desktop or laptop browser. We suppose it might be a bit different if you’re accessing the book through the National Library’s app. However, we’re sure it will be just as easy and just as free!

In case you’re wondering, yes, you will be sharing those pnm001 – pnm999 library card numbers with other people. A quick check under “history” for the library card number we used showed a tonne of books we’ve never clicked on to borrow.

Image via PNM

We hope the real owner of pnm001 doesn’t mind that we’ve just borrowed a bunch of titles under their card number!

Anyway, we still can’t believe this info isn’t widely known. Can you imagine all the books you could have been reading this whole time?! and for free pulak tu! Which book are you gonna borrow first?

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This Year Your Anak Bulus Can Pakai Matching Baju Raya With The Rest Of The Family Too!




Voiced by Amazon Polly
Image via Geli Geli Kucing/Facebook

While you’re busy shopping for baju raya for yourself and the family this Ramadan, don’t forget to get an OOTD for your anak bulus. This year, your pet can join in looking fetch in the family photo cause local company Geli Geli Kuching (GGK) has recently launched their newest product – baju raya for cats!

The festive feline fashion collection includes limited edition songket design Baju Melayu (yes, songket! So vogue, kan!). The line includes several different coloured baju melayu, a peplum baju kurung, unisex kurtas and even a tiny songkok (tapi tudung tak ada ye. Jangan tanya kami kenapa, mungkin sebab kucing takda aurat) – all ranging between RM42 to RM60.

Image via Geli Geli Kucing/Facebook
Image via Geli Geli Kucing/Facebook
Image via Geli Geli Kucing/Facebook
Image via Geli Geli Kucing/Facebook

Not wearing songket this year? No worries, they also have a batik line too!

Image via Geli Geli Kucing/Facebook
Image via Geli Geli Kucing/Facebook
Image via Geli Geli Kucing/Facebook
Image via Geli Geli Kucing/Facebook

The bajus are available in a variety of sizes, measurements and colours, so confirm your cat can wear the same colour theme with the rest of the family.

Image via Geli Geli Kucing/Facebook

According to GGK’s Facebook page, they’re now open for orders. They also ship to Singapore and Brunei.

Ever since their promotional post went up on Facebook, peeps be going crazy y’all. The post already has 12K shares, 12K comments and 2.3K likes. Bila anak bulus pun ada raya #OOTD baru lah meriah raya tahun ni!

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Jangan Tamak! Bazaars Are The Main Cause Of Food Wastage During Ramadan




Voiced by Amazon Polly
Image via The Asia Tatler

You might think that the biggest contributors to food wastage during Ramadan might be those expensive hotel buffet meals kan? Well actually, it’s the Ramadan bazaars that contribute to most of the food waste during the fasting month.

Food Aid Foundation, a food bank NGO that salvages surplus food from producers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers for redistribution to the needy, spoke to New Straits Times, clarifying the actual food situation during Ramadan.

Image via hati.my

Operations director Hayati Ismail explained that hotels have learned from experience and now implement wastage prevention measures by getting people to pre-book their meals and live-cooking food during the buffet.

This means that 25 – 35% of daily food waste actually come from bazaars. Ramadan vendors tend to rely on selling pre-cooked meals or cook everything they brought with them hoping that they can sell as much as possible.

Image via Berita Harian

“Ramadan bazaar traders do not plan how much to cook. They do not do any estimation or business projection.

“When the food is unsold, the majority is thrown away, as opposed to hotels, which send surplus food to staff cafeterias,” 

Ms Hayati pointed out that there are a few bazaars that collaborate with the MY Save Food network to salvage leftovers in an effort to keep food wastage to a minimum, such as the bazaars in Putrajaya, Lembah Pantai, Pandan Indah and Kampung Baru. But bazaars elsewhere aren’t a part of this initiative.

Image via Sri Sutra Travel

“There are thousands of bazaars in the Klang Valley alone. Getting volunteers during Ramadan to collect food is difficult.

“On top of that, some food turns bad as early as 9pm. Food safety is the biggest challenge when it comes to the bazaars.”

According to Hayati, surplus food given by hotels were fresh and had not been served. Food Aid Foundation does not take the leftovers from the buffet lines as they could pose health risks after being exposed to room temperature and people. This would be a bit difficult to achieve from food found at bazaars.

However, Hayati admits that there are some types of bazaar food that could be kept safely to be given to the needy, such as food items that are prepared on the spot like ayam percik or murtabak.

“We ‘rescue’ food from hotels that are still in the back still kept in the warmer at 63°C. After the end of the day, unsold food would be packed and kept frozen. Food Aid teams will collect it once or twice a week.

“We don’t collect the food on a daily basis because the amount is too little, merely 5kg to 10kg, so it is not viable from a logistics point of view and does not justify the cost. If we collect it by the end of the week, we’d get about 30kg to 100kg.”

This practice is based on requirements set by the Health Ministry and also follows the standard operating procedures implemented by hotels. FYI, hotels collaborating with Food Aid Foundation include Bangi Golf Resort and Pullman Hotel and Resorts.

“The hotels know us. We handle cooked food and we have the facilities. On top of that, we have signed indemnity agreements to protect our donors.”

There’s a really simple way to fix this problem, really. Even though after fasting one whole day makes us feel like eating everything we see at the bazaar, we need to be more realistic and have some self-control.

In the meantime, Ramadan vendors should also come up with an effective way to keep their food items fresh and reusable for donating in the event they have leftover food not sold.

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Local Actor’s Line of Baju Melayu Is Flying Off The Racks Due To Superman Design




Voiced by Amazon Polly
Image via Malay Mail

The superhero trend has not died down guys. Last week, we saw Infinity Stones baju melayu buttons and now it appears that you can take your superhero Raya cosplay to even greater heights with the help of local actor Erry Putra.

After going viral last year for his baju melayu design collection that was mocked for looking like breastfeeding apparel for new mothers, the man is back with a whole new idea and it seems that people are loving it.

Erry is jumping on the superhero bandwagon this time around with man of steel inspired baju melayu. The cekak musang baju melayu may appear traditional looking from the front, however from the side and back you’ll see that it actually features a detachable cape!

And the cape isn’t just for show OK! It can also be used as a makeshift prayer mat. Form AND function, people! Guys in this baju are gonna be like “Girl, I ain’t a player, I’m a prayer!”

You might find the whole thing amusing, but Erry is raking in the cash yo. According to his Instagram, each baju costs between RM149 to RM169 and they’re selling like hotcakes!

BRB while we check some of these out for our father. Abah’s gonna look hella cute this Raya!

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American Fast Food Chain Five Guys To Open In Malaysia?!




Voiced by Amazon Polly
Image via @fiveguys/Instagram

Good news for lovers of hamburgers, French fries and milkshakes! The American fast casual restaurant, Five Guys, might be opening their first chain in Malaysia!

Singaporean 8 Days reported that they got some inside information from “a credible F&B industry source who requested to remain anonymous” who told them that Five Guys plan to open an outlet in Singapore and Malaysia at the end of 2019.

The chain opened their first outlet in Asia in November last year located in Hong Kong, then earlier this year they announced they would be also opening an outlet in Beijing. Now it appears that Malaysia and Singapore are set to be the brands third and fourth Asian locations.

If you’ve never tried Five Guys in your life (macam kiteorang) apparently they’re really famous in the US and the UK for their “hand-crafted”, wholesome, sloppy, customizable burgers.

Their signature beef burger comes with two “hand formed and griddled” patties and what’s so special about them is that you can customize your burger with one or all 15 toppings available FOR FREE. If you can’t decide what toppings you want, Five Guys suggest having their “all the way” toppings which consist of mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, grilled onions, mushrooms, ketchup and mustard. Besides all those topping above, jalapeños and steak sauce toppings are also available.

Fun fact: Former President of the US, Barack Obama reportedly is a huge Five Guys fan and he actually made news when he popped by an outlet in Washington DC in 2009. According to the reports, the big guy likes his Five Guys cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, jalapeños and mustard.

Image via Pinterest

We’re pretty excited about this news because their burgers macam bukan beshe-beshe, but we gotta control our excitement until Five Guys confirm the news. 8 days has reportedly reached out to Five Guys PR representative for confirmation but are still waiting for a reply.

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Netizens Mad Cause They Tak Paham ‘KTHXBYE’ Signboard in Melaka




Voiced by Amazon Polly
Image via Yahoo News SG

A signboard bearing the words “KTHXBYE” installed on a pedestrian bridge in Melaka has been ordered to be taken down immediately by the city mayor.

The signboard was installed across the overhead bridge along Lebuh Alor Gajah – Melaka Tengah – Jasin near Al-Azim Mosque in Peringgit, Melaka and belonged to the Mamee Monster snack company.

Apparently, the signboard went viral online cause a bunch of netizens couldn’t figure out what it said.


Netizens weren’t pleased with the phrase, calling it an improper use of language and only understood by ‘WeChat’ users.

Based on a report by New Straits Times, Melaka city mayor, Mansor Sudin said such signboards cannot be used. Tapi, apesal takleh pakai dia tak cakap la pulak.

“You cannot advertise like that. We have asked them to take it down immediately,”

According to some comments on Facebook, the process for getting a signboard up includes having the text referenced against Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, before the signboard application can be approved. So many people are questioning how ‘KTHXBYE’ was approved.

Since the kerfuffle, the signboard has finally been taken down and replaced with another advertisement bearing a much more boring basic statement.

Image via Harian Metro


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Level Up Your Raya #OOTD This Year With Infinity Stone Baju Melayu Buttons




Voiced by Amazon Polly

It’s been a little over two weeks since Avengers: Endgame, and frankly, we are tired of reading and writing anything more about the film. However, no matter how much we try to be in denial, the truth of the matter is: the Endgame craze has not died out. Like at all.

In fact, the Avengers: Endgame buzz might last a little longer. Right through Ramadan and into the Hari Raya festivities, cause the latest fashion craze is Infinity Stones baju melayu buttons. For reals.

This raya, you can be like Thanos and collect all the five Infinity Stones and wear them on your baju melayu.

Not feeling the whole Infinity Stones thing? The shop also has Captain America, Spiderman and Iron Man buttons.

If you’re more of a DC fan, they also have Superman and Batman buttons too.

Interested? They cost about RM30 a set and you can purchase the buttons at this Facebook page. Don’t take our word for the quality though yeah, #kamitakjual.

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Malaysians Amazed By How Genting Looks Like A Floating Kingdom In KL Skyline Photo




Voiced by Amazon Polly
Image via Reddit Malaysia

Immensely popular for its Vegas-style casino and indoor and outdoor theme parks, Genting Highlands is about an hour drive away from KL, perched approximately 1800 metres above sea level.

Although the drastically different weather in Genting makes you feel like you’re far away from the city centre, you’d be surprised at how close Genting actually is to the middle of KL.

This was highlighted on Reddit Malaysia recently when someone posted a photograph they took of the KL skyline with Genting clearly visible in the background.

A full view of KL and genting highlands in the background. (All credits goes to Junhong photography) from r/malaysia

Malaysians were amazed at how beautiful Genting Highland looked, likening it to a sparkling, floating kingdom in the night sky, or a creepy spaceship hovering over KL.

In fact, the photo looks so good that some swore it has to be edited. Genting can’t be that close to KL….this photograph isn’t to scale…or is it?

Well, we did some digging and actually, last week another Malaysian posted a similar photograph on Instagram. This photograph was taken from a further distance – Bukit Jalil to be exact (yes! Apparently you can see Genting from Bukit Jalil!) and really puts the location of Genting, relative to KL, into perspective.

Isn’t that insane? We’ve never noticed you could see Genting Highlands from KL. And we definitely had no idea you could see it all the way from Bukit Jalil! This really puts into perspective how massive Goh Tong projects actually are.

So did we.

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PDRM Tak Agree With Transport Ministry’s Decision To Allow Super Tinted Rear Windows




Voiced by Amazon Polly
Image via The Sun Daily

Yesterday (7 May), Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced that car owners are now allowed to tint their rear windows and windshields as dark as they like.

As reported by The Star, these are the new regulations that will begin on today (8 May) and will only apply to private vehicles including those used for e-hailing services;

  • Front windshields have to let in 70 per cent of light 
  • Front passenger side windows have to let in 50 per cent of light
  • Full tint of rear windshields and rear passenger windows are now allowed

He said that the new rules were in response to demands from motorists who wanted darker windows due to the hot and sunny weather. Apparently, these guidelines also follow the United Nations Regulations on the matter.

Image via The Star

Obviously, everyone was super happy with the announcement (especially the dudes who were already driving around with super tinted rear windows). But it turns out that PDRM doesn’t share our joy.

According to a report by Harian Metro, Datuk Azisman Alias, Bukit Aman traffic chief, said that the Transport ministry forgot to ask the police for their input on the ruling and how it would affect law enforcement’s work during inspections.

“I felt slighted. Ideally, they should discuss it with us and perhaps consider our views. Before this, we could still see the passengers and the driver but there’s no limit (for the rear windows) under this new ruling. It’d hard for the police to conduct inspections, especially to check on rear passengers,”

Azisman also stated that whatever it is, he respects the government’s decision.

It’s worth noting that KL Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department chief Zulkefly Yahya said the revision to the regulations could help reduce the risk of car break-ins and that as long as the front windscreen isn’t too dark it shouldn’t kacau police work too much.

Image via Kosmo

“Thieves will not be able to easily spot items on the back seat and may think twice before breaking into vehicles. As long as the front is not too dark, we can still carry out our crime enforcement work.” 

Additionally, it’s been noted that dark tinting on rear windscreens will help with the glare that happens when the lights of the car behind you are too bright, cause we all know how bad that can get right.

Meanwhile, some people have pointed out that if your car windows are tinted too dark, it will make it harder for you to see during low-light conditions such as on cloudy and rainy days. Which is dangerous when you’re driving.

So, we suppose the new regulation, just like most things, has its pros and cons, kan?

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PAS Committee Member Warns M’sians Of Chinese Rulers, KL China Embassy Turns It Into Visit China Campaign




Voiced by Amazon Polly
Image via Free Malaysia Today

PAS central committee member Mokhtar Senik recently told his Facebook followers to be careful of voting non-muslims into power. In the Facebook post, he warned Malaysians that our fate could end up like the Uyghur Muslim community in China if we allow non-muslims to run the country.

“I’m reminded of fellow Muslims in China. They are prohibited from fasting and exercising their religion. Hope my fellow Muslims in Malaysia will take heed.

That is the fate this country may face if political power is given to the kafir (infidels), no matter what kind of infidel they are,”

According to Free Malaysia Today, he was referring to the mass detention and strict surveillance of Muslim groups in Xinjiang, where many Uyghurs live.

Following the statement, Chinese Embassy spokesperson in Kuala Lumpur, Tang Tang, responded to Mohktar Senik, dismissing his claims that Muslims in China are not allowed to fast during the holy month. According to Tang, China upholds the freedom of religious belief.

Image via Free Malaysia Today

“We protect all normal religious activities in accordance with the law. Ramadan is the most auspicious and holy month of the year for Muslims.

The Chinese government fully respects the normal religious activities and customs of Muslims during Ramadan

Those groundless rumours indeed are part of the attempts of those anti-China forces to tarnish its image”

He also said that he has not seen any “irrefutable facts” to back Mohktar’s claims which according to him keep resurfacing every year for the past decade. He then urged Malaysians to visit China to see and learn of their cultural diversity first hand.

Image via Free Malaysia Today

“There is a Chinese old saying that rumours will only be stopped by the wise. We hope and believe that our Malaysian friends would not be misled by rumours or listen to any biased information.

We welcome more Malaysians to visit China to experience its rich and diversified culture, including the Muslim culture, and see with their own eyes the real life of Chinese Muslims,”

Amacam? Think China might be a good idea as the next destination for our #wanderlust posts?

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