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Malaysian Influencer Trolls Shoe Store, Almost Gave Sales Guy Heart Attack



Several weeks ago, a video of a man testing his running shoes tickled netizens online. Thinking the customer was trying to run away with the new sneakers, the sales assistant started giving chase, only to realise later that it was just a ‘test sprint’.

Yesterday, our very own Malaysian celebrity internet troll, Harvinth Skin, recreated the video in Malaysia but took it a level higher. Instead of merely running around the store, he straight up ran out of it!

The video began with Harvinth trying on Puma’s newest launch, the RS-X Toys sneaks, worth RM565.

Harvinth then proceeded to put both sides on, gave them a little test jump, and then sprinted right out of the shoe store.

The obviously panicked sales assistant then ran out of the store after him (still carrying the shoe box, mind you), but stopped in surprise as Harvinth turned around and ran right back into the store.

With a relieved look on his face, the sales assistant walked back into the store, with his hand on his chest. Harvinth’s prank almost gave the poor guy a heart attack!

At the time of writing, the video has been viewed over 9 million times and shared more than 317K times.

Many commenters shared the panicked sales assistant’s sentiments:

While some commended the sales assistant for his commitment to his job!

We expect nothing less than a prank like this from Harvinth Skin!

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That Viral Message About The Danger of Gulping Down Cold Water During Hot Weather Is NOT TRUE!




You might have received a message on Whatsapp that you shouldn’t gulp down cold water or even take cold showers during hot weather. The message claims drinking cold water can cause your blood vessels to quickly contract while taking a cold shower on a hot day and could cause a stroke! 

Well, it’s not true.

We spoke to Dr Rafidah Abdullah, a spokesperson from the Health Ministry, who told us that there’s no scientific evidence that says we can’t drink cold water.

She explains that the message is factually wrong and it doesn’t give the right advice for surviving the hot weather.

This is what she said you SHOULD do:

Dr Rafidah says you should avoid going outside when it’s hot, stay hydrated and also wear a hat or use an umbrella if you need to venture out.
She also explains that heat stroke doesn’t happen easily, adding that the symptoms include dizziness, headache, and nausea.

You can check out this article for more tips on staying chilled during this heatwave!

By Roshini Ravindran

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Najib Razak Got Schooled By Facebook User For Complaining About The State Of Our Hungry University Students




Recently, we found out from the news that Malaysian university students are so broke they can hardly afford to eat once a day. On the same day, the government released a statement informing press that a foodbank initiative had been launched and was already on the way to help these broke students.

Several hours later, ex-premier, Datuk Seri Najib Razak took to Facebook to voice his concerns over the students and how the current government was not handling the situation properly.

Here’s a translation of his post:

“I am tearing up just reading this news.
Only eating once a day,
forced to go hungry because they don’t have enough money and the price of goods is high.
That’s the fate of our students today.
I still remember during the presentation of Budget 2019.
What did they say?
The biggest budget in history!
The education sector will get the biggest share!
Malaysia is a credible, dynamic economy and the people will prosper!
Yes, Budget 2019 had RM314.5 billion. But where did it go?

Yes, the budget for the education sector had RM60.2 billion. But what it used for?
What’s the use if our students are starving?
What’s the meaning (of Budget 2019) if we can’t afford to buy things on our own land?
What is the use of the government if not to defend, help, and improve the life of the people?
Please sympathise with the people, Ministers of PH.
I can’t believe that citizens today need to kneel and beg for charity from Putrajaya.”

Thennnnnn, a Facebook user, Hayati Ismail wrote an “open letter” to Najib on her Facebook. You can read her reply below:


Based on what we can see from her other Facebook posts, Hayati Ismail is a member of the Foodbank Foundation that is currently working with the government on the foodbank initiative for the starving B40 students.

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Watch Out! This Hot Weather We’re Having Could Bring Snakes Out!




It turns out that the probability of finding snakes in your garden, under your car or around your house skyrockets during hot weather, much like the weather we’re having right now!

Case in point, Facebook user Arif Azmi recently shared the shocking moment he found a 4.8-metre long python in front of his house.

Image via Facebook

According to herpetologist (TIL a herpetologist is someone who specializes in reptiles and amphibians, including snakes.) Dr Teo Eng Wah, hot weather encourages snakes to come out in search of a bite to eat and some shade.

“It is the extreme heat that forces snakes to seek refuge in residential areas, primarily to look for food and shelter,”

FYI, the Civil Defense Department records show that since January, at least 1,046 snakes have been caught by the department in Terengganu alone. The types of snakes caught include pythons, the venomous king cobra and the equally dangerous pit vipers.

Video courtesy of Arif Azmi

State Civil Defence chief Lt-Col Che Adam A. Rahman explained to New Straits Times that his department is working closely with the Wildlife and National Parks Department with regards to the matter of these snakes.

“We are working with the Wildlife and National Parks Department, which the snakes were handed over and released at locations unknown to us, but far from human habitation,”

Dr Teo, who himself has been bitten four times by snakes, advises the public to refrain from trying to catch snakes themselves unless they are properly equipped and trained to handle the animals, regardless of whether or not the species of snake found was venomous.

“Avoid contact. The next best way to prevent snakes from appearing in or near your house is to make sure that the surroundings are clear of rubbish or leftover food, which attracts rats.

But if you stumble into one, call agencies that handle such creatures.

Some species of snakes are protected, like those in the cobra family.

Some of the smaller species, such as the venomous pit vipers are not easily spotted, unlike the huge king cobra or python. But most snakes will avoid human contact,”

So, clear up the clutter around your house, have the emergency services contact number, 999, on speed dial, and hope for the best, everyone!

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Adabi Shares Photos Of Kunyit Used To Treat Elephant’s Skin, Twitterjaya Does Not Disappoint




Adabi, yes the famous spice company, tweeted via their official Twitter account that their brand of turmeric was recently used as an elephant’s face and body mask at Zoo Negara.

The tweet didn’t explain why the elephant required such a mask, only that 7kg of kunyit was used to cover the whole elephant and that the healing properties that turmeric is known to have for humans, is also applicable to elephants. Just look at how much this elephant is loving his kunyit massage.

The elephant looks so pleased after too!

It’s true, for hundreds of years, people around the world know kunyit for it’s healing properties and cosmetic benefits. But, for Malaysians, kunyit is better known as their favourite spice for frying things like chicken, fish, even veggies.


So naturally, Twitterjaya’s response to seeing an elephant covered in kunyit did not disappoint.

We need more pictures of happy elephants covered in kunyit, please!

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McDonalds Malaysia Just Threw Some Shade At KFC!




Image via Malaysia Promotions

Recently, KFC released their new Ghost Pepper Zinger and Twister, inspired by one of the spiciest chilis on the planet, the ghost pepper chili.

KFC claims that the Ghost Pepper Zinger and Twister will tingle your taste buds with a “slow and lingering heat”.

The ghost pepper was known as the world’s hottest chilli pepper in 2007, but was dethroned by the Carolina Reaper pepper in 2013.

But it turns out that people who have tried the Ghost Pepper Zinger and Twister commented that it isn’t very spicy at all.

Apa lagi, McDonalds Malaysia pun took this opportunity to throw shade at KFC la, and plug their best-seller instead; the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.

McDonald's App

Ghost Pepper? Pfft.. nothing ghostly about this. Malaysia’s true king of spice – the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, now only RM12.50 for a medium meal during McValue Lunch! Enjoy REAL SPICY today! #ineedtheLat

Posted by McDonald's on Thursday, 14 March 2019

In the Facebook post, McD said “Ghost Pepper? Pfft… nothing ghostly about this”, low-key claiming that their Spicy Chicken McDeluxe is lagi pedas.

According to Marketing Interactive, McD marketing director, Eugene Lee said that their “social listening team” picked up on the comments about KFC’s Ghost Pepper Zinger and Twister not being spicy. Some of the comments apparently mentioned that if Malaysians wanted a truly spicy burger, they should go and get the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe instead.

“So, we used this info and came up with a cheeky ad to have some fun with what customers were already saying,”

Have you tried the KFC’s Ghost Pepper items? How do you think it holds up next to McD’s Spicy Chicken McDeluxe? Tell us in the comments!

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Tony Fernandes Has Deleted Facebook And May Delete Twitter Next




Image via CNN

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has decided to delete his Facebook account!

The Tan Sri tweeted to his 1.29 million followers yesterday (Sunday, 17 March) informing them of his decision to shut down his Facebook page and that he intends to delete Twitter as well.

He explained that the decision was made due to the “hate” being transmitted on both platforms, mentioning the live-streaming of the terror attack on two mosques in New Zealand that happened on Friday (15 March), in particular.

Tony was evidently serious about deleting Facebook as his page now no longer exists. According to him, his page had 670,000 followers prior to the shut down.

We definitely share your sentiments Tan Sri! Facebook needs to revise the process of uploading and sharing videos on their platforms. It’s their civic duty!

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Another Man Has Been Detained For Some Kurang Ajar Comments on Facebook




Seems like there’s a witch-hunt going on on social media recently. Netizens are holding each other accountable for what they post online.

KENYATAAN MEDIA KETUA POLIS NEGARA: Tangkapan Ke Atas Suspek Yang Menghina Agama Hindu di Laman Facebook.

Posted by Polis Diraja Malaysia ( Royal Malaysia Police ) on Monday, 11 March 2019

Just today, a 52-year-old man kena tangkap for posting insulting comments towards Hindus on Facebook. According to the official press release by PDRM, the suspect is being investigated for misusing the social media platform and inciting disunity through his remarks.

His arrest happened just a couple of hours after he posted the rude comments online as other users quickly called him out and tagged PDRM on Twitter, requesting for his immediate arrest.

This case follows two other recent cases of Facebook users being detained for insulting Islam. The two other users were sentenced to prison for 7 months and 10 years respectively. In response to this, Minister of Communications & Multimedia YB Gobind Singh urged Malaysians to exercise their freedom of expression responsibly while his ministry considers new laws to regulate insensitive comments on news portals and social media.   

“Freedom of expression is not meant to promote lewd, vulgar or sexist comments. Neither should we condone physical threats or threats of bodily harm on social media.”


Posted by Gobind Singh Deo on Monday, 11 March 2019

May these cases serve as cautionary tales, reminding us to be sensitive towards people of other backgrounds while we post on social media. No matter where you say it, there will always be consequences.

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Someone Said Harith Iskander Wasn’t Funny, And Harith Stans Are Furious




Image via 8days.sg

Who knew some Malaysians were such Harith Iskander stans. Even to the extent that if someone doesn’t find him funny, they call that person an idiot.

Twitter user @InjangNation wrote a whole thread where he rated local “comedians” based on how kelakar they are. (We used quotation marks cause as far as we understand, not everyone on this list is an actual comedian). Harith Iskander was the 41st person rated. And @InjangNation does not find him very funny.

However, if Twitterjaya had been paying attention, they’d realize that @InjangNation’s tweet was posted almost TWO years ago.

We only have one person left to quote:

Do you think Harith Iskander is funny?

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After Harith Iskander Sued Laugh Factory, Now They’ve Saman-ed Him Back




Two weeks ago, Harith Iskander posted on Facebook confirming that he was indeed suing Laugh Factory and its founder Jamie Masada for allegedly not paying him the full amount of the prize money he was promised after winning the “Funniest Person In The World’ competition.

It has been a roller coaster ride since I entered (and won) the competition in Dec 2016. My main intention for…

Posted by Harith Iskander on Friday, 22 February 2019

Now it seems that Laugh Factory has decided to saman him back. The Laugh Factory has filed a USD10 million-plus lawsuit against Harith Iskander.

In their countersuit, they are denying any breach of obligation to Harith. Instead, they are claiming that Harith failed to meet the performance obligation of their contract and that he main tipu to win their competition!


Further info about the issue just sounds like a lot of saya kata dia kata. Ie. Harith said an agent approached him from the Laugh Factory, then Laugh Factory said Harith was the one who initiated contact with them.

The Laugh Factory also claimed that Harith contacted a Laugh Factory representative, inquiring about the competition and offering to open a Laugh Factory clubs in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta with his “silent partner”, Najib Razak.

They also alleged that Harith stole their intellectual property while pretending to prepare opening Laugh Factory comedy clubs in Southeast Asia.

Harith has denied the allegation that he claimed Najib was his silent partner, calling the allegation “laughable”.

Wow. This case has quickly escalated to a different level 😅After bringing a case against Laugh Factory to pay me…

Posted by Harith Iskander on Thursday, 7 March 2019

You can read the full countersuit below. FYI, it’s super long.

Iskander v Laugh Factory Co… by on Scribd

Who do you think is at fault here? Tell us in the comments!

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Massive Storms Hit Putrajaya and Shah Alam Over The Weekend, Causes One Fatality




Man, have we had some weird weather lately! For the past couple of weeks, MET Malaysia reported high temperatures as Malaysia was experiencing a heatwave. Then, over the weekend, Putrajaya and Shah Alam were hit by powerful storms that caused widespread damage.

One man was killed after being struck by lightning and some areas in Shah Alam even reported hailstorms!

On Saturday evening, a storm began in Putrajaya at about 5.30pm bringing heavy winds, and driving rain that damaged houses and public facilities, uprooted trees and created traffic chaos.

Precints 9 and 11 were reportedly the areas that were hit the worst, Putrajaya Fire Station received dozens of calls from alarmed residents requesting assistance.

Freak storm with strong wind in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya this evening (Video credit kadeq streamerz)

Posted by Cyberjaya Community on Saturday, 9 March 2019

According to fire station chief, Che Shaari Abdullah, many trees were uprooted and some fell onto roads and blocked them. Personnel from the station were deployed to several areas to remove debris.

Then on Sunday, Shah Alam was hit by heavy rain and thunderstorms. Social media posts showed falling tree branches blocking roads in the area, while others reported experiencing hail.

Posted by Ahmad Yeopmatdali on Sunday, 10 March 2019

After the storm. Seksyen 9 Shah Alam.

Posted by Norikhzan Ahmad Yahaya on Sunday, 10 March 2019

And that wasn’t even the worst of it. According to The Malay Mail, one man died while four others were injured after being struck by lightning in Setia Alam. The men were playing football in an outdoor field at Setia Badminton Academy when lightning struck them.

Klang Utara police chief, ACP Nurulhuda Mohd Salleh confirmed the incident, saying:

“For now, one victim is confirmed dead, while four more are injured including one who is critical, sent to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang for further treatment,”

Based on a report by Harian Metro, the men were of Rohingya descent.

For those who were shocked to see hail (or ice rain) in Shah Alam, hailstorms in Malaysia are not as rare a sight as you might think.

In 2016, Cili Sos reported hail, and they too pointed out that hailstorms have happened in Malaysia many times before. In their article, they cited news sources from 2007, 2011, 2012 and 2014. A quick Google search will also show that several hailstorms also happened in Malaysia in June 2016, March 2018, and August 2018.

If you wanna know more about hailstorms, MET Malaysia released an infographic explaining thunderstorms, hail and lightning safety. You can take a look at it below.

Fakta Cuaca: Ribut Petir dan Kilat

Posted by Malaysian Meteorological Department on Sunday, 10 March 2019

With all this extreme weather, we want to remind everyone to be cautious, and stay safe!

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