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Malaysian Influencer Trolls Shoe Store, Almost Gave Sales Guy Heart Attack



Several weeks ago, a video of a man testing his running shoes tickled netizens online. Thinking the customer was trying to run away with the new sneakers, the sales assistant started giving chase, only to realise later that it was just a ‘test sprint’.

Yesterday, our very own Malaysian celebrity internet troll, Harvinth Skin, recreated the video in Malaysia but took it a level higher. Instead of merely running around the store, he straight up ran out of it!

The video began with Harvinth trying on Puma’s newest launch, the RS-X Toys sneaks, worth RM565.

Harvinth then proceeded to put both sides on, gave them a little test jump, and then sprinted right out of the shoe store.

The obviously panicked sales assistant then ran out of the store after him (still carrying the shoe box, mind you), but stopped in surprise as Harvinth turned around and ran right back into the store.

With a relieved look on his face, the sales assistant walked back into the store, with his hand on his chest. Harvinth’s prank almost gave the poor guy a heart attack!

At the time of writing, the video has been viewed over 9 million times and shared more than 317K times.

Many commenters shared the panicked sales assistant’s sentiments:

While some commended the sales assistant for his commitment to his job!

We expect nothing less than a prank like this from Harvinth Skin!

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