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Malaysian Injured In New Zealand Mosque Attack



At least one Malaysian has been injured in the mass shootings at two New Zealand mosques in the city of Christchurch. The Malaysian High Commission in New Zealand says he is seeking treatment in hospital. It has also urged Malaysians there to check on their family and friends, especially those in Christchurch. 

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Adern confirms 40 people were killed, in what she described as a terror attack.  Four people are in custody, and one of them is confirmed to be an Australian citizen. 

The attack was live-streamed, and police have urged the public to stop sharing the distressing footage of the incident. 

Indonesia’s foreign minister says 6 Indonesians were inside one of the mosques when the shooting occurred, with 3 managing to escape while the other 3 are unaccounted for. Meanwhile, the Bangladesh cricket team, who are on tour in New Zealand, narrowly avoided being caught up in the shooting. They were arriving for prayers at one of the mosques when the shooting occurred. 

Meanwhile, Malaysian Timothy Lian was at a school near the scene when the shooting occurred. He told us the whole school and the surrounding area was placed under lockdown for their safety. 

We at SYOK cannot even begin to express how saddened we are by this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected.

By Roshini Ravindran


Anyone Working At Facebook Possibly Knows What Your Password Is




Image via Mashable

Another day, another Facebook privacy boo-boo, and this is a big one. Last week, FB revealed hundreds and millions of passwords have been stored in PLAIN TEXT for the past few years and it just realised! Plain text as in not encrypted, not in any code. But like, letters. Exactly as how you type them. As in, if your password was “keropoklekor123” then it was stored as “keropoklekor123” (our password isn’t “keropoklekor123”, BTW).

Facebook says only its internal staff saw the data and there was no evidence of misuse. FB has now fixed the problem and will send notifications to any affected users, but they won’t require the passwords to be reset. 


Nevertheless, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, MCMC has advised everyone to change their passwords if they receive the notification. Oh, and Instagram has been affected as well. (FYI, Facebook owns Instagram) 

We don’t know about y’all, but we’re changing ALL our passwords, just in case. 

By Irene Chooi

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Bus Driver Honks At Lorry, Another Dude Perasan And The Two End Up In A Fight In Kajang




A bus driver honked at a lorry for blocking his path but ended up in a fight when a car driver nearby thought the bus was honking at him.

According to a report by The Star, Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Ahmad Dzaffir Mohd Yussof said that the incident happened around 10.13pm on Saturday.

The 44-year-old bus driver honked to get the attention of a lorry driver whose lorry was parked at the side of the road. However, a 54-year-old car driver, whose car was also parked at the side of the road assumed the honk was directed at him.

The car driver was about to get back into his vehicle when the bus driver honked again and this angered the car driver. So, he approached the bus and hit the front windshield.

This led to the two drivers getting into a fight and the bus driver reportedly fell down and wounded his forehead. Aiyo! So kesian!

According to ACP Ahmad Dzaffir, people at the scene managed to subdue the two men and they were brought to the balai for questioning. At the balai, both men managed to settle their argument and admitted that the fight was just due to a misunderstanding. The bus driver then retracted his police report and no further action was taken.


There’s a lesson to be learnt here, folks! Avoid parking your vehicles at non-designated areas such as the side of roads, and don’t cepat marah or terasa!

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Two Malaysians And One Singaporean Have Been Charged With Polluting Sungai Kim Kim




Image via The Straits Times

Two weeks ago, over 2,000 people received medical treatment while 111 schools were forced to close due to a chemical dump at Sungai Kim Kim. The Johor state government allocated an emergency fund of RM6.4 million as instant aid for cleaning works and for the victims and their families.

Image via The Straits Times

Now, two directors and a lorry driver of a used tyre-processing company have been charged in the Sessions court in Johor Bahru over the incident. The three people accused include a Singaporean, Wang Jin Chao, 34, and Malaysians Yap Yoke Liang, 36, and lorry driver N. Maridass, 35.

All three were charged under Section 34B(1)(a) of the Environment Quality Act 1974. The section states that “No person shall place, deposit or dispose of any scheduled wastes on land or into Malaysian waters” and those found guilty face a fine up to RM500,000 or spend a maximum of five years in jail.

Based on the charge sheet, Maridass is accused of illegally disposing chemicals into the river on March 7, while Wang and Yap are accused of conspiring with him.

Sungai Kim Kim being cleaned – Image via Free Malaysia Today

All three men pleaded not guilty and a bail of RM100,000 was imposed on Maridass and RM250,000 was imposed on Yap. On top of that, Yap was ordered to surrender his passport. Wang was not offered bail as he is a foreigner.

Meanwhile, the company, together with Yap, Wang, and another director who hasn’t been arrested yet, were slapped with 60 charges in total. They were accused by the Department of Environment (DoE) of committing 15 offences.

The case has been postponed for hearing at 10am today due to a technical issue arising from details of the DoE charge sheet.

We hope that the perpetrators are brought to justice and that other companies will learn from their mistakes. Who else is going to look after our environment if not us?

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Over A Hundred Malaysians Paid Tribute to Mohd Haziq Tarmizi In His Hometown




Image via Free Malaysia Today

The 17-year-old Malaysian who was reported missing after the Christchurch shooting has been confirmed to have died during the massacre. Mohd Haziq Tarmizi is now among the fallen 50 who died in the incident.

Haziq Tarmizi’s father, Mohd Tarmizi Shuid, 42, was one of the many wounded in the incident. He is currently being treated at the Christchurch Hospital. Meanwhile, Haziq Tarmizi’s brother, Mohd Haris, 12, is currently receiving treatment for mental trauma at a nearby children’s hospital.

Haziq’s passing was confirmed by Wisma Putra and his remains were laid to rest at the Memorial Park Cemetary in Bromley, New Zealand at 4pm (New Zealand time), yesterday (21 March).

Besides Haziq Tarmizi and his father, Mohd Tarmizi, two other Malaysians were injured in the massacre – Mohd Nazril Hisham Omar, 46, and Rahimi Ahmad, 39.

Nazril Hisham Omar – Image via Kosmo
Rahimi Ahmad with his wife and kids – Image via New Straits Times

Which brings the total of Malaysians injured in the incident to three and one dead.

Following the news of Haziq Tarmizi’s death, over 100 people gathered for an absentee funeral prayer in his honour in his hometown of George Town.

Assemblyman Azrul Mahathir Aziz (in purple) joining in the prayer – Image via The Star

The absentee funeral prayer was carried out during Malam Cinta Rasul, an event that was held in George Town yesterday (21 March). According to Bayan Lepas assemblyman, Azrul Mahathir Aziz, Malam Cinta Rasul was planned much earlier, but the organisers of the event decided to include the absentee funeral prayer as part of the event.

“This is a way for us to show our solidarity as well,”

Today marks one week since the massacre. Facebook user Salmah Kassim, who is a Malaysian Muslim currently living in New Zealand shared the current atmosphere in the country through several Facebook posts.

Assalamualaikum wrt Brothers and Sisters,Kia ora koutou katoa …Today marks another sad day of our lives in New…

Posted by Salmah Kassim on Thursday, 21 March 2019

Live update from Hagley Park, opposite Al Noor Masjid, Christchurch.SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar. Human…

Posted by Salmah Kassim on Thursday, 21 March 2019

We’re so inspired by you New Zealand! You guys truly embody the meaning of peace, harmony and diversity!

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A Tourist Was Picked Up By The Popo For Smoking A Bong In Langkawi




A Chinese tourist was detained by police after a video of him using a weird smoking device that looked a lot like a bong was shared on social media on Sunday (17 March).

Video ini diambil oleh sahabat yang diambil hadapan Langkawi Prade ..Nampak seperti perlancong luar Negara .. Negara kita ada undang-undang.. walaupun beliau mngkin isap rokok cara tempat beliau tapi tempat kita dia perlu ikut undang-undang terjadi dikhalayak ramai dan akan mendapat pandangan Negative pada orang lainLANGKAWI KINI

Posted by Langkawi kini on Sunday, 17 March 2019

The police suspected he was doing drugs in public, so they picked him up. According to The Star, Langkawi police chief Supt Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said they sent out a couple of popos to investigate after they saw the video online.

They detained the 60-year-old man and conducted a drug test on him, but surprisingly it came back negative. Turns out the uncle was just smoking a type of tobacco called “kao ye” or “hong yen” which isn’t considered illegal.

The tourist’s tobacco – Image via China Press

Apparently, the uncle and his wife followed a tour group and arrived in Langkawi on Sunday for a 5D4N tour.

He reportedly claimed that customs officers had scanned his baggage and found the “bong”. But they let him bring it in as it wasn’t against the law. After he tested negative for drugs, the Langkawi police released him but confiscated the bong and tobacco.

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Boeing 737 MAX 8 Planes No Longer Allowed To Land Or Takeoff From Malaysian Airports




Image via Aviation Jobs

In October last year, a Lion Air flight crashed into the sea off Jakarta shortly after takeoff, killing all 189 people onboard. The plane was reportedly a new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Less than five months later, on Sunday (17 March), another 737 MAX 8 flight crashed just six minutes after it took off from Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian Airlines flight was going to Nairobi Kenya, and all 157 people onboard were killed in the crash.

Now, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) has suspended all Boeing 737 MAX flights from landing and taking off from all Malaysian airports following the two fatal accidents. The last aircraft of that model landed in Sepang airport on Sunday at 12.35pm and took off on a return leg to Guangzhou at 1.35pm. The aircraft belonged to China Southern Airlines.

In a press statement, CAAM CEO, Ahmad Nizar Zolfakar said that the suspension includes transit flights and will be imposed until further notice. There have been no 737 MAX 8 flights landing or taking off from KLIA since Tuesday (19 March).

Besides China Southern, other airlines with the 737 MAX 8 model aircraft that regularly fly to KLIA include Singaporean owned Silkair and Indonesian-operated Lion Air. Meanwhile, you might be relieved to know that none of the Malaysian-owned airline operators has the 737 MAX 8 in their fleet.


China Southern, Lion Air and Silkair have since decided to ground their 737 MAX 8 planes. Though, according to a report by The Star, a discussion on the issue was held on Tuesday afternoon between officials from the Transport Ministry and CAAM anyway.

This is because the officials at the meeting felt that Malaysia should have an official stand on the matter since many other civil aviation authorities around the world had taken steps to bar the Boeing model from their airports.

Image via Market Watch

A source told The Star that CAAM will be monitoring flights from these airlines to KLIA in the event they decide to reintroduce the aircraft in their flight schedules.

“CAAM and the ministry will review the decision to allow these planes to fly to Malaysia, but it will be based on the relevant safety information from the US Federal Aviation Administration and other aviation regulators, as well as Boeing,”

The Star reported that initially, the US Federal Aviation Administration released a “continued airworthiness notification” for the 737 MAX 8 on Monday evening (18 March). However, it later issued a notice saying that it would mandate forthcoming “design changes” to the aircraft by April. Currently, more than 300 737 MAX 8 planes are in operation and Boeing has received more than 5,000 orders for the aircraft worldwide since 2017.

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Pilot Of Jet That Collided With A Vehicle On Subang Airport Tarmac Speaks Up




Image via The Star

The driver of a Perodua Kembara belonging to Malaysian Airport Holdings Bhd suffered severe head injuries when the vehicle he was in was hit by a plane at 3.15am on Monday (18 March).

Harian Metro reported that the Perodua Kembara, which was parked on the tarmac of Subang Airport, had its roof completely ripped off when the plane’s wing accidentally collided with it. The vehicle was used to supervise the painting and electrical repairing work on the runway.

Image via New Straits Times

The victim, 39-year-old Mohd Ruzaimi Iskandar Ahmad Razali was rushed to Sime Darby Medical Centre in Subang Jaya for immediate treatment after the accident but succumbed to his injuries and passed away on Tuesday evening (19 March). Mohd Ruzaimi is survived by his wife and four children aged between 1 and 13 years old.

The Star spoke to the pilot of the plane, Capt Muhammad Fauwaz Zamzam. He claimed that he had been cleared to land by the air traffic controller some four minutes before he approached the airport and that the airport did not issue a Notice to Airman (Notam) to indicate that work was being carried out.

“I did not see any other light on the tarmac, except for the airport guiding lights, as the plane approached the runway. If there has been work being carried out or any vehicle on the runway, normally there would be beacon lights,”

According to Capt Muhammad Fauwaz, he had radioed the tower twice before he landed.

“The first attempt was not responded and on my second call, the tower gave us the clearance to land,”

He said he didn’t see any other light on the tarmac, other than the airport guiding lights and boundary markers.

“Seconds after the plane touched down, as it was rolling on the tarmac, it hit into something. There was a jerk, a light bang as the plane swerved a bit, but I managed to steer the aircraft,”

Muhammad Fauwas, who has 7,000 hours of flying experience, shared that he was surprised when he “heard on the airport radio that the plane had rammed into a car and someone was injured” after he taxied.

Image via New Straits Times

The police and the Transport Ministry’s Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) are currently investigating the case and the investigation is expected to last two weeks.

The private jet that Muhammad Fauwaz piloted was a Bombardier Challenger 300 belonging to Berjaya Air and was on a chartered flight from Jaipur, India, with eight passengers onboard.

According to The Star, the two air traffic controllers who were on duty that morning had been suspended from work pending the investigations.

A source also told The Star that AAIB had seized the plane’s cockpit voice recorder, to determine the conversation between the pilot and the air control tower officers as well as the conversations between the pilot and co-pilot prior to the landing of the plane.

Image via Business Insider Malaysia

Tan Sri Vincent Tan, executive chairman of Berjaya Group announced that he had made a personal donation of RM50,000 to Mohd Ruzaimi’s widow.

“The fault for this incident must lie with the airport authorities. They should have given adequate advance warning that maintenance work was being carried out on the runway or close the airport altogether.

No such warning was given and in my view, the airport authority was negligent.

As far as I am concerned, Berjaya Air and our pilots are completely not at fault,”

Vincent Tan added that he hoped that the incident would serve as a wake-up call to the airport authorities so that it would not recur.

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Najib Razak Got Schooled By Facebook User For Complaining About The State Of Our Hungry University Students




Recently, we found out from the news that Malaysian university students are so broke they can hardly afford to eat once a day. On the same day, the government released a statement informing press that a foodbank initiative had been launched and was already on the way to help these broke students.

Several hours later, ex-premier, Datuk Seri Najib Razak took to Facebook to voice his concerns over the students and how the current government was not handling the situation properly.

Here’s a translation of his post:

“I am tearing up just reading this news.
Only eating once a day,
forced to go hungry because they don’t have enough money and the price of goods is high.
That’s the fate of our students today.
I still remember during the presentation of Budget 2019.
What did they say?
The biggest budget in history!
The education sector will get the biggest share!
Malaysia is a credible, dynamic economy and the people will prosper!
Yes, Budget 2019 had RM314.5 billion. But where did it go?

Yes, the budget for the education sector had RM60.2 billion. But what it used for?
What’s the use if our students are starving?
What’s the meaning (of Budget 2019) if we can’t afford to buy things on our own land?
What is the use of the government if not to defend, help, and improve the life of the people?
Please sympathise with the people, Ministers of PH.
I can’t believe that citizens today need to kneel and beg for charity from Putrajaya.”

Thennnnnn, a Facebook user, Hayati Ismail wrote an “open letter” to Najib on her Facebook. You can read her reply below:


Based on what we can see from her other Facebook posts, Hayati Ismail is a member of the Foodbank Foundation that is currently working with the government on the foodbank initiative for the starving B40 students.

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Watch Out! This Hot Weather We’re Having Could Bring Snakes Out!




It turns out that the probability of finding snakes in your garden, under your car or around your house skyrockets during hot weather, much like the weather we’re having right now!

Case in point, Facebook user Arif Azmi recently shared the shocking moment he found a 4.8-metre long python in front of his house.

Image via Facebook

According to herpetologist (TIL a herpetologist is someone who specializes in reptiles and amphibians, including snakes.) Dr Teo Eng Wah, hot weather encourages snakes to come out in search of a bite to eat and some shade.

“It is the extreme heat that forces snakes to seek refuge in residential areas, primarily to look for food and shelter,”

FYI, the Civil Defense Department records show that since January, at least 1,046 snakes have been caught by the department in Terengganu alone. The types of snakes caught include pythons, the venomous king cobra and the equally dangerous pit vipers.

Video courtesy of Arif Azmi

State Civil Defence chief Lt-Col Che Adam A. Rahman explained to New Straits Times that his department is working closely with the Wildlife and National Parks Department with regards to the matter of these snakes.

“We are working with the Wildlife and National Parks Department, which the snakes were handed over and released at locations unknown to us, but far from human habitation,”

Dr Teo, who himself has been bitten four times by snakes, advises the public to refrain from trying to catch snakes themselves unless they are properly equipped and trained to handle the animals, regardless of whether or not the species of snake found was venomous.

“Avoid contact. The next best way to prevent snakes from appearing in or near your house is to make sure that the surroundings are clear of rubbish or leftover food, which attracts rats.

But if you stumble into one, call agencies that handle such creatures.

Some species of snakes are protected, like those in the cobra family.

Some of the smaller species, such as the venomous pit vipers are not easily spotted, unlike the huge king cobra or python. But most snakes will avoid human contact,”

So, clear up the clutter around your house, have the emergency services contact number, 999, on speed dial, and hope for the best, everyone!

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Govt Is Providing Free Food For Starving Uni Students With Foodbank Malaysia!




Image via Malaysiakini

It appears that our university students are starving!


University students, some of whom come from the B40 group, have to resort to extreme budgeting, such as eating only once a day and ordering the cheapest meal on the menu, just to make sure they can eat on a daily basis due to insufficient pocket money.

A report by Berita Harian found that their food options included instant noodles and nasi bujang (rice, egg, soup and sambal belacan) which costs between RM2 – RM2.50.

UM Malay Studies Academy student, Ilmah Ismail, 21, from Semporna Sabah said she only eats one meal a day to save money.

“Sometimes, lecturers will cook something for us, the poor students. Apart from that, student associations also chip in by providing RM5 food coupons, but not everyone can get it.

As for me, I get only RM100 per month, courtesy of Tamanni Scholarship Project, for food and drinks.”

Meanwhile, dentistry student Nur Atikah Ghazali, 22, from Bachok, Kelantan, whose father is a lorry driver making between RM500 – RM1,000 per month, said that she only eats RM1 nasi lemak every day.

“Sometimes, I prepare boiled eggs on the go. This is because most of my money goes to paying rent, off campus.

I stay in an apartment unit with nine students near the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre. We pay RM267 each, not including electricity and water.

The owner allows only four people to stay in the unit but we have no choice as we don’t have enough money.”

Apparently, some students also take part in university-organized events due to the fact that these events serve free food, and consider quitting their studies to work full time instead. The only thing that’s stopping them is the knowledge that with a university degree, they’re more likely able to better provide for their family, with a higher paying job.


Thankfully, there’s some good news.

Today, New Straits Times reported that the government has mobilized their Foodbank Malaysia initiative to help these starving university students from the B40 families.

Image via New Straits Times

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said that food bank trucks were already on da way to universities with some food.

According to him, the programme started in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on 26 February and at University Malaya on 7 March.

“Tentatively, the Foodbank Malaysia programme will start at Universiti Putra Malaysia on March 21, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Pulau Pinang (March 23), Universiti Malaysia Pahang (April 1), Universiti Sains Malaysia (April 8), Universiti Utara Malaysia (April 15) and Universiti Malaysia Sabah (April 22),”

He also said that the Finance Ministry has agreed to tolong a bit with a special allocation of about RM3 million to get 14 refrigerated trucks. These trucks will be used to distribute free food to students from B40 groups at 20 public universities.

Speaking on how students could access the free food, Saifuddin said this was discussed during a meeting with vice chancellors of the universities and they have come to an agreement.

“In some universities, they have hotel catering courses which come with big kitchens to cook the free food and distribute them to their students.

University students’ associations have agreed to form volunteer groups who will help their fellow colleagues by cooking the food received (under the Foodbank Malaysia) for distribution.

The universities even agreed to provide the full list of students from the B40 group on their campuses. I have been told that on an average nearly 50 per cent of the students come from the low-income group,”

If you’re wondering where all this food comes from, a couple of supermarkets agreed to contribute their food surplus to help the hardcore poor and B40 students via the programme.

The supermarkets involved are:






Hero Market


TF Value

99 Speedmart

My Family Store





We applaud the supermarkets who have agreed to take part and help our starving students! We hope that the initiative really helps the financial situation of these students.

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