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A Malaysian Teenager Went Missing For 10 Days In Singapore Because He Was Too Shy To Ask For Help



Some people are loud. Some people are outgoing. But others are shy. Exceptionally shy. Especially this Malaysian teenager.

An 18-year-old boy ended up on an adventure of a lifetime after finding himself lost in Singapore for 10 days. How do you get lost in Singapore in this day and age, you ask? By not asking for directions or help!


Unfortunately for this teenaged boy, his overwhelming shyness caused him to officially go missing after venturing out to get lunch for himself. Here’s the whole story.

Speaking to eNanyang, the teenager said that he was in Singapore to look for a job. He stayed at a friend’s apartment while job searching and couldn’t find his way back when he left to have lunch one day. The 18-year-old was unable to remember where his friend’s apartment was and he was too shy to ask for help.

The unnamed boy said, “I’m a shy person. I don’t really know how Singaporeans are like, so I didn’t dare to talk to them, or borrow their phones.”


When he left the apartment, the teenager had only $50 (RM151) on him. No passport, no phone, no nothing. After having his lunch, he was unable to find his way back to the apartment and decided to walk around the city to get his bearings straight.


The next 10 days saw the boy reportedly sleeping outside of apartment buildings and using public toilets in cafés and shopping centers. Despite only eating chap fan, he ran out of money after eight days!

His solution? The boy forced himself to ask a couple of individuals for money for food. Our question is, why didn’t he ask for help at the same time? Curious.

The teenager remained missing for two more days before an elderly Singaporean woman spotted him in a park on Haig Street. The lady asked him if he was indeed the Malaysian teenager who was reported missing. And finally, the boy had help!


He was reunited with his friend and put on a bus back to Malaysia to return to his family.

After that traumatic experience, the teenager said that he will not be visiting Singapore for a while, and we totally understand. Given the trauma of the situation, it’s probably best that he stayed home with loved ones for now. We hope he will slowly learn to overcome his shyness and give Singapore another chance, though!

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