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Malaysians Are Loving “Tun”, “Mahathir” And These 5 Other Patriotic Names For Their Kids!


Malaysians Are Loving “Tun”, “Mahathir” And These 5 Other Patriotic Names For Their Kids!

As we’ve seen in the past, some Malaysians come up with pretty weird names for their kids. You can even say that some parents are too ‘creative’ so much so that the National Registration Department (NRD) recently encouraged parents to seek their advice before settling on a name for their children!

According to a report by New Straits Times, the NRD said that parents are largely influenced by current events and factors such as politics, sports, entertainment and other important events that occur around the time the baby is born.

So, it’ll come as no surprise that the NRD has recorded ‘Tun’ and ‘Mahathir’ as popular choices of names for Malaysian babies. However, unlike the past, only those with Tun lineage are now allowed to have ‘Tun’ in their names.

Besides the name of our current Prime Minister, the names ‘Malaysia’, ‘Merdeka’ and Malaysian states are also very popular.

Here’s a rank of the names according to popularity:

  1. Tun (4,726)
  2. Mahathir (420)
  3. Sabah (176)
  4. Johor (163)
  5. Perak (130)
  6. Malaysia (129)
  7. Merdeka (102)

Names of other states are also used, though they are less popular, such as Melaka (91), Kedah (60), Pahang (37), Sarawak (12), Labuan (8), Perlis (7), Putrajaya (5), Selangor (3), Kelantan (2) and Pulau Pinang (1). Interestingly, no Malaysians have been named Terengganu yet! We wonder why!

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