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Apparently, The Name Of The Girl With The Longest Name In M’sia Has A Paranormal Background


Apparently, The Name Of The Girl With The Longest Name In M’sia Has A Paranormal Background

Last week, the National Registration Department (NRD) announced that the longest name ever registered in Malaysia contains a whopping 74 characters and 12 words.

The name, which was registered last year, was Princess Aura Nurr Emily Amara Auliya Bidadari Nawal El Zendra Mohd Sufian.

(Yes, we copy-pasted the name, ’cause who in their right mind would bother typing the whole name if they didn’t have to?)

After the announcement, the girl’s name went viral, with many questioning and poking fun at how absurdly long the girl’s name was.

Then, the story took an even more surprising twist when the girl’s mother defended the name through a post on her Facebook. The post has since been switched to private.

Despite a popular theory, the girl’s name wasn’t a mash-up of all her father’s exes names, but was actually picked by her mother.

Princess Aura’s mother, who refers to herself as Puteri Tujuh, revealed that the name has supernatural connotations. Admitting that she has been dabbling in spiritual and mystical activities for awhile, she urged the public to stop making assumptions of her daughter’s name when they don”t know the full story.

She proceeded to thank everyone who insulted and/or sent their well wishes to her daughter, and pointed out that her daughter’s name became viral not out of her own doing, but from the actions of the netizens themselves. Word, haters gonna hate!

She also clarified that the name she chose for herself, Puteri Tujuh, doesn’t have anything to do with the bunian realm. Instead, the ‘Puteri’ refers to the fact that she’s a woman, while ‘Tujuh’ is her favourite number.

In a separate post, Puteri Tujuh admitted that she has two other children, and they both have long names too. Someone managed to uncover the names of her other children and shared it on Twitter:

To further convince her followers of her spiritual and mystical connections, she signed the Facebook post off with “Salam Praktisi Spiritual Malaysia/Indonesia”.

Well, that’s creepy.

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