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Latest Viral Video Shows Canadian Students Performing Dikir Barat!



Dikir Barat is a musical form native to the Malay Peninsular that involves singing in groups. The performance is usually done in a competitive setting and may be accompanied with percussion instruments or no instruments at all.

Recently, Facebook user Dean Norwani, shared a video of a school choir group performing Dikir Barat. Many Malaysians were shocked to find that the students in the video weren’t of any Malaysian heritage. Instead, it turns out all the kids are from Canada!

The performance was by Hamilton Children’s Choir from Canada, and they regularly work with a conductor from Malaysia, Tracy Wong, who currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

You’ll be happy to know that Dikir Barat isn’t the only local performance this group has picked up. They’ve performed Gamelan before too!

Our traditional music is going places!

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