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M’sians, Beware. A New Scam Will Have You Losing Money Without Realising It!



There’s a new scam in town and we want to help you be aware of it.

Recently, there’s been a spike of ‘tourists’ preying on the good nature of our Malaysian hospitality. While it’s good to lend a helping hand to those in need, it’s important to know what’s real and what’s a scam.

The latest scam sees these ‘tourists’ approaching individuals to ask for money for food.


Simple and believable right? What’s so wrong about helping someone have a meal? In this case, you’re not helping someone, they’re fooling you to get your money.

According to Facebook user, Lau Chee Kin, it’s all a lie.

“As I was window shopping, 2 girls approached me and ask, ‘Hi, can you speak Mandarin? We are tourists from China and we are looking for a restaurant.’ Small talk later to say my Mandarin is not perfect. Followed by ‘Can you help me, we got no money for food.’ *Red Flag*” he wrote.


Chee Kin told them that he was unable to help and watched as they proceeded to find another victim. He observed the girls and sneakily followed them to confirm that this was a syndicate scam in progress. While he followed the girls, Chee Kin tried to notify the security guards.

The Facebook user eventually lost sight of them and proceeded to carry on with his personal activities. After dinner, the man was approached again by the two girls, but this time, they were in a completely new outfit! One of the girls had restyled her hair into a ponytail and put on glasses to hide her face.


Hiding behind a pillar, Chee Kin took pictures of the girls and headed to the information counter to report them. Upon reporting them, the security guard revealed that there had been two prior reports that were made about a “four person crew” of scammers that the guards had been on the lookout for.

With the new images of the suspected scammers, the guard proceeded to search for them. Chee Kin, who was following from a distance, was again approached by two ‘tourists’! This time, it was a guy and girl who asked him once again if he could help them out with money for food. A wiser Chee Kin whipped out his phone and said, “Let me take a picture of you first.”

Naturally, the duo tried to hide their faces. He sat them down and Chee Kin tried to get passersby to help but to no avail. The scammers proceeded to walk away to the nearest exit, but Chee Kin followed them while asking people for help.

When they reached the main exit, a security guard arrived and assisted in detaining them. The best part, the security guard in question had managed to catch the previous two girls who had attempted to scam Chee Kin as well!

Chee Kin accompanied the two security guards to escort the culprits to the nearest police station.

It’s scary that scams like these are taking place around us. Please be careful and be aware of the situation around you at all times!

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