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An NGO Is Suing Bomba Over The Deaths Of The Six Firefighters


An NGO Is Suing Bomba Over The Deaths Of The Six Firefighters

Last week, news about the death of six firefighters who drowned in a mining pool during a search and rescue mission shocked and devastated the nation.


After the incident, several videos and photos of the tragedy were posted online and they sparked heated debates as people started questioning Bomba’s standard operating procedure (SOP) for the search and rescue (SAR) mission.

Now, New Straits Times reports that a non-governmental organisation, Jawatankuasa Bertindak Suara Rakyat, has come forth stating that they intend to initiate a legal suit against Bomba over the incident.

The NGO’s chairman, Tony Tan, said that they have appointed a law firm, represented by lawyer Datuk Kamarudin Ahmad, to help the families of the six firefighters obtain appropriate compensation to help them continue with their lives.

“We will meet with these families soon and if they agree, we will press on with the lawsuit,” he said.

Also speaking on the issue, lawyer Datuk Kamarudin said, “We are offering our legal services pro bono so that the families receive what is rightfully theirs.”

He added that they plan to sue both Bomba and the Home Ministry: “For now, negligence as well as possibly poor tactics are the major factors behind the lawsuit. They could have delayed the search momentarily due to poor visibility, lack of proper gear, and fast-moving water.” He also said that the suit is aimed at sending a message to the authorities to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

“Each family should by right receive around RM500,000 in compensation to ensure their quality of life isn’t jeopardised as they have lost not only their husbands and fathers, but also a source of income.”

The deceased were Mohd Fatah Hashim, 34; Izatul Akma Wan Ibrahim, 32; Mazlan Omarbaki, 25 Yahya Ali, 24; Adnan Othman, 33; and Muhammad Hifdzul Malik Shaari, 25.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the deceased.

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