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Our Own Nicol Ann David Has Been Voted GOAT In Squash Worldwide!



Last month, the Professional Squash Association (PSA) ran a campaign that gave squash fans all over the world a chance to decide the top 20 players in squash history… and our own Nicol Ann David made the cut!

She didn’t just land any spot in the Top 20 list—she’s been crowned a GOAT! The acronym stands for Greatest Of All Time, for those who don’t speak Internet slangs.

The PSA website praised Nicol for being the first player of either gender to win the World Junior title twice. And that’s at the START of her career! She later managed to become the longest reigning world number one in squash history when she held the number one spot for 109 consecutive months from 2006 to 2015. During that time, Nicol won the World Championship title eight times, racking up a 56-match unbeaten spell. Reaching a total of 102 PSA event titles, Nicol won 81 of them, four Asian Games Gold Medals and two Commonwealth Games Gold Medals!

On top of that exhaustive list of wins, Nicol was also the youngest person ever to receive a Datukship in her home-state of Penang. “Still ranked inside the [World’s] top 10 at 35 years of age, [Nicol] could yet add more titles to what has already been one of the most glittering careers in all of world sport,” PSA added.

Nicol was crowned the women’s GOAT alongside Jahangir Khan from Pakistan, who was voted as the men’s GOAT.

Shocked and flattered at being voted the GOAT of squash, Nicol took to Twitter to express her appreciation:

With all that you’ve done for Malaysia, you definitely deserve it Nicol! Know that you’ll always be the squash GOAT in our hearts.

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