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This Politician Is Encouraging People To Put Strawberries In Their Fried Rice And Malaysians Are Not Having It.



Malaysians are obviously big on food. It’s a big part of our culture and it never fails to bring us together. Many experimental Malaysians also like to tinker with local dishes in an attempt to recreate something new. Sometimes, these experiments really take off, like when people started adding cheese to pisang goreng.


But often times these “fusion” foods just end up creating more “con-fusion” than anything else. Including this recent dish, created by none other than a member of Malaysia’s parliament.

While the MP didn’t specify the reason for his sudden encouragement of adding strawberries to ones fried rice, his other tweets imply that he has recently returned from a trip to Cameron Highlands, the only place in Malaysia where you can grow strawberries.

Despite this politician’s obvious obsession with strawberries, his followers did not agree with his sentiments:

Others teasingly gave him better suggestions.

We really hope Nasi Goreng Durian never sees the light of day, that can’t possibly end well!

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