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This Sabahan Girl Sued Her English Teacher Because He Ponteng Kerja For Seven Months!



Let’s admit it. When we were in school, if we ever heard news that our teacher couldn’t make it to class that day, we’d leap for joy. No classes and more time to play games and chit chat with our friends, right?

Well, what if a teacher was continuously absent for seven months? Would you still leap for joy?

According to Malaysiakini, a former secondary student from Sabah has filed a lawsuit against her English teacher for failing to turn up and teach the class for seven months in 2015.

The former student of SMK Taun Gasi, Kota Belud, Sabah, claimed that her English teacher, Jainal Jamran, was absent and failed to perform his duty as an educator from February to October 2015, except for one week when the Education Ministry and state Education Department officials visited the school. #SoSneaky

Apparently, due to the teacher’s absence, Nafirah Siman and her entire class failed English during their exams. What’s more, his absence violated her constitutional rights for access to education.

The lawsuit, which was filed through Roxana & Co on 16 October, has been fixed for mention on 19 November.

The 18-year-old girl has named the school’s headmaster, Suid Hanapi, Kota Belud district education officer, Sabah education director general, the Education Ministry and the government as defendants alongside Jainal Jamran.

Based on Nafirah’s suit, despite numerous complaints, Suid didn’t take any action against the teacher. Instead, he helped cover up Jainal’s absenteeism by asking him to “fabricate” his attendance to show that he was only absent for two months, instead of seven.

Here’s something more shocking: Jainal is reportedly still employed at the school and up to his old tricks!

A teacher’s role as an educator is to mentor and nurture students as well as become good role models. Shame on this teacher, who has instead, tarnished the good reputation of the profession.

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