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Samsung Twitter Account Kena Kantoi Using iPhone To Tweet



With both Samsung and iPhone being at the top of the mobile phone industry, the two megacorps are obvious rivals. The last thing either company would want is getting caught using their rival’s product! So, when an official Samsung Twitter account got caught posting updates using an iPhone recently, you can imagine the epic-ness of that fail.

The account is Samsung’s official Twitter account for Nigeria, verified by Twitter. After the issue blew up on Twitter, the tweet AND the account were deleted.

The account had almost 297,000 followers on Twitter while it was still active and it seems that this isn’t the first time the account has posted on Twitter using an iPhone.

We’re pretty sure people who work for Samsung wouldn’t use anything other than a Samsung phone. Therefore, this slip-up was likely done by a digital agency hired by Samsung to manage their social media accounts—as most companies tend to do that.

Anyway iPhone users, this is the best time for you to roast your Samsung-using friends!

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