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We’re moving closer towards having sex education in schools



Efforts to introduce sex-ed in schools are gathering steam.

The Women, Family and Community Development deputy minister says she’ll be meeting soon with Teo Nie Ching – her counterpart from the Education Ministry – to work out the details of the proposed syllabus. 

Image via The Sun Daily

Hannah Yeoh says it is crucial that sex-ed gets introduced. 

“Nine percent of remove class students are sexually active. Nine percent is not a small number. As we wait, this number gets bigger. So we have to understand why people are doing the things they do. Sometimes we cannot understand it…but if the data shows that they are really sexually active at the age of 13, you will be in denial if you don’t want to talk about sex”

Yeoh, however says the move could take some time to be implemented, but authorities will also be discussing what other measures can be taken to address the issue in the meantime. 

Image via YouTube

Calls for sex-ed classes in schools grew louder in December, following news that a 13-year-old boy in Kampar, Perak had been detained for fathering a baby with his 15-year-old sister. 

The girl, a school dropout, was believed to be unaware that she was pregnant until she gave birth.

By Nicholas Darren John

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