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These 5 Shows Should Be Remade Because Their Endings Were Really Potong Stim


These 5 Shows Should Be Remade Because Their Endings Were Really Potong Stim

In case you haven’t heard, Netflix now lets users decide how shows and movies end… and they are going to try out this choose-your-ending interactivity with their hit cult series, Black Mirror!

And since Netflix has gotten the ball rolling, we’ve decided to list five other programmes that could really use some rewriting. We’ll tell you what’s wrong with them, but you can go ahead and let the viewers choose how these should end, alright?

WARNING: There are spoilers (obviously) ahead.

1. Lost (2004 – 2010)

Lost made us and everyone else feel lost. Don’t get us wrong; the series started off on a really high note. The scenes inside the airplane just before it came crashing down, and of the passengers looking for their loved ones in the rubble, were iconic…

… but truthfully, the writers of Lost didn’t have an end in mind when they started the first season. It didn’t help too that the writers had a habit of writing themselves into dead ends, and by the end of the series, there were so many open threads that there was no way to tie them all up.

Were they all dead? Who is Jacob who guards the light? And how is the smoke monster his brother? See? Lost.

2. How I Met Your Mother (2005 – 2014)

We loved HIMYM. That’s why we hate the finale so much.

Come on, after nine seasons of convincing us that Ted and Robin couldn’t possibly work out, and that Barney and Robin were meant for each other, the writers totally ruined it with the final episode.

Although they cast the perfect person as Mother—someone everyone was happy to see Ted end up with, they spoiled the plot by adding a last minute montage of the Mother being dead, Barney and Robin splitting up, and Ted deciding if Robin was the one after all! What?!

3. Gossip Girl (2007 – 2012)

Dan Humphrey as Gossip Girl makes NO SENSE. They tried to explain it, but there were too many plot holes.

If Jenny had known her brother was Gossip Girl the whole time, why did he publish so many bad rumours about her? And how was she OK with that? And why did Dan have to look fake-surprised at Gossip Girl’s posts that he was posting, in his room, by himself?!

It would have all ended well if they didn’t reveal who Gossip Girl was at all. No one cared at that point anyway. All we wanted was for Blair and Chuck to be together.

4. Split (2016)

Split was probably one of M Night Shyamalan’s best films. James McAvoy’s ability to juggle multiple roles, some of which were more sinister than others, was just amazing. The film also featured some strong women roles, which is quite rare in thrillers.

That being said, the Beast deciding not to eat Anya-Taylor-Joy’s character was a too-abrupt switch after the slow build up of the story. Of course, we also expected some kind of twist at the end, as is customary in an M Night Shyamalan movie, but to find out that the entire movie is just the origin of Shyamalan’s earlier movie, Unbreakable, totally undercut all the action in Split.

5. Twilight Saga (2008 – 2012)

Sure, people will say the whole saga was pretty crappy. But, if they had a good ending, they could have actually salvaged the series to some extent. Technically, they already had die-hard fans. All they had to do was win everyone else over with a good ending.

In the final installment, there was so much potential in the set up of werewolves teaming up with good vampires to battle the bad vampires. Plus, the final battle was also really epic to watch! For once, there were consequences in this life, and people were fighting for their survival…

… and then they threw all of that away. All of our emotional investment was for nothing because it was all just a ‘dream’.

Someone bring these shows back to life for a do-over! We need proper closure.

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