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Someone Threw Their Phone At Khalid During His Performance In KL. Here’s The Full Story



Khalid was in Malaysia for a live performance last Sunday (4 November 2018) and he brought one of the best performances ever!


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However, while the singer was performing, a Malaysian fan reportedly threw a phone at him! The phone hit Khalid’s chest while he was singing “Location”. Yet, despite the rude gesture, Khalid took it in stride and continued performing, like nothing happened.

Several videos of the incident were uploaded onto Twitter, which (obviously) went viral, angering many fans in the process. Then, the guy who threw his phone explained that it was an accident and apologised.

Because of how viral it was getting on Twitter, Khalid decided to speak out about it too, saying that he saw what had happened from where he was standing on stage, adding that it was definitely not an accident and that the guy had intentionally threw his phone. He even explained in a tweet that the phone was on record when he picked it up and that he thinks the guy probably expected him to record something using the phone from the stage.

Someone even posted a video of the guy throwing the phone from the crowd!

Although the incident definitely affected Khalid and his performance, Thankfully, he wasn’t too bothered by it.

Though he did have a couple of things to say about what happened..

Regardless of whether the phone was thrown on purpose or by accident, it certainly didn’t make us Malaysians look good. Let’s hope nothing like this happens again in the future!

And we hope the guy learned his lesson!

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