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Sweden Has Placed Our Durian In Its ‘Disgusting Food Museum’


Sweden Has Placed Our Durian In Its ‘Disgusting Food Museum’

Ah, durians. One of the world’s most controversial fruits. You either love it, or you hate it. There’s really no in between.

And it appears that a museum in Sweden has decided that the durian is controversial enough to have a place among other disgusting foods of the world.

The Disgusting Food Museum, which opens in Malmo, Sweden at the end of the month, features 80 of the world’s most nauseating and disgusting food.

The museum was created by Samuel West, an organisational psychologist, who hopes to change the way people eat by giving them a space to dive into the world of disgust.

According to West, disgust is one of the six fundamental human emotions and its evolutionary function is to protect us from toxic or dangerous foods, “But then if somebody says, ‘You know, this sauerkraut here is actually tasty and it won’t kill you,’ then we learn that it’s okay. It’s something we can actually like.”

The museum will allow its patrons to smell, taste and in some cases, even touch the food that is exhibited.

Other foods on display at the museum include casu marzu (maggot infested pecorino cheese from Sardinia Island) and cuy (grilled guniea pig from Peru).


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Besides the durian’s feature at the museum, there’s another feature which is equally, if not more shocking–root beer. Apparently, the sweet fizzy drink that pairs unbelievably well with vanilla ice cream is widely considered to be disgusting by Europeans. Samuel said, “I’m half-American. I love root beer. But if you ask a European, they would spit it out and say it tastes like toothpaste.”

People can say what they want, but durians and root beer will always be considered tasty to us!

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