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Teenagers In Indonesia Are Drinking Used Sanitary Pad ‘Juice’ To Get High



Teenagers in Indonesia have come up with a bizarre new way to get high.

Police in Jakarta, Bekasi, West Java, and Kudus, Central Java have arrested several teenagers after catching them experimenting using menstrual pads to get high.

The kids are taking used pads from the trash and placing them into boiling water to extract certain chemicals. Once the water cools, they drink the mixture, which causes them to experience hallucinations—like the feeling of flying—similar to taking drugs.

At the moment, it isn’t clear what exact substance contained within the menstrual pads is causing the feelings of hallucinations, though, according to a report by Straits Times, it’s the chlorine.

According to The Jakarta Post, the phenomenon isn’t new, and the method first made news in 2016 when teenagers were found boiling pads in Belintung and Java.

A chemical researcher at Bandung’s Institute of Technology, Yessi Permana, said that absorbant products such as sanitary napkins contain superabsorbent polymers (SAP). These materials irritate the eyes due to their absorbent qualities and should be prevented from entering the body.

Dr Hari Nugroho from the Institute of Mental Health Addiction and Neuroscience said that drinking this tainted water in large quantities could damage organs like the kidneys and liver, and even cause cancer.

An Indonesian news site reported that the teens that were caught using this odd method were aged between 13 and 16. They were also children coming from poorer neighbourhoods, and couldn’t afford drugs like methamphetamine, which costs millions of rupiah per gram.

Well, used pads or not, doing drugs is not cool!

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