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The Reasons Why Young Malaysian Newlyweds Are Getting Divorced Will Make You Chuckle



We all love our significant others. They are our best friends and our greatest source of love and comfort. But sometimes, they drive us up the wall!

Can their little annoying habits make us question how perfect we really are for each other and eventually lead to a divorce? Women, Family and Community Development (LPPKN) Deputy Minister, Hannah Yeoh, is certainly worried they might.

The first five years of marriage are apparently the toughest, and according to a study conducted by the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN), more than one-third of all marriages that end in divorce or separation take place in the first five years of marriage.

In Dewan Rakyat yesterday, Hannah Yeoh commented on a report by Free Malaysia Today, that cited the Selangor Department of Shariah Judiciary, which reported that young newlyweds in Malaysia are getting divorced over trivial matters that cause misunderstandings between couples.

Here’s a list of some of the reasons cited, lets chuckle together while reading it:

  1. Wife likes to go on trips with large groups

  2. Wife likes to wash clothes at night

  3. Husband not liking their wife eating in the car

  4. Difference in political views

  5. Husbands low salary

  6. Spouse snoring in bed

  7. Spouse likes to go shopping

  8. Wife dirtied her husbands kopiah because she didn’t want him chatting so long at the surau

  9. Spouse sleeps until late in the day

  10. Not liking the way their partner hangs and washes the laundry

  11. Couple fighting over what tv series to watch

  12. Spouse forgets to flush the toilet

Even Lembah Pantai rep, Fahmi Fadzil, found it amusing…

To help preserve the institution of marriage and family in Malaysia, LPPKN is working on organising pre and post wedding programmes to coach couples into building a strong foundation for a happy family.

Let’s hope these programmes can help couples come to an agreement on which TV series to watch! ✌🏼

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