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Thief Steals A Motorbike In Damansara, Then Returns The Bike And Leaves A Note



On Monday, motorbike owner Mohd Khairul Anuar Mohd Jamil posted on social media, saying that his motorbike was stolen from the front of his house in Flora Damansara. He discovered that the motorbike was missing at around 8am on 5 November when he was about to leave for work.

Besides the missing motorbike, his Ford Fiesta was also broken into. The thief had smashed one of the windows and took an expensive pair of sunglasses (probably to wear while he rode the motorbike) and SmartTag.

According to Kuala Lumpur Viral, the day after Khairul’s post was shared by other users on Facebook, he found a note wedged into the door space of his Ford Fiesta’s broken window.

Here’s an English translation of the note:

“Brother, I would like to apologise for stealing your motorbike. I actually had no intention of stealing the bike, I just wanted to experience riding a big bike like yours. I’m really sorry.

Regards, Kaito. See behind.

Your bike is at Empire Damasara, at the motorbike parking area. I’m sorry, brother.


And boom, a measly Facebook post became newsworthy.

At first, Khairul thought the note was a bad joke. However, when he went to the location mentioned in the note, he found his motorbike! He immediately informed the police that he had found the bike (as he had made a report of the stolen bike earlier).

Khairul is thankful that his motorbike was returned to him, and said that he has since forgiven the thief for taking his bike. However because the thief’s action was  a criminal offence, he hopes that the police will arrest him and appropriate legal action is taken. He added that he wouldn’t want other people to fall victim to similar crimes committed by this thief in the future.

Just because you apologise and return the bike doesn’t make the theft right, Kaito!

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