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This Video With Fake Snow, A Motorcycle On The Roof, And A Random Twitter Logo Is An Actual Wedding Video


This Video With Fake Snow, A Motorcycle On The Roof, And A Random Twitter Logo Is An Actual Wedding Video

Malaysian social media is abuzz this morning when a recently married woman, Farah, shared short clips of her wedding video on her Instastories, expressing her disappointment. And she has every right to be. We were so horrified after watching the video that all we can do is laugh and hope that this is a weird marketing gimmick.

Behold, the masterpiece, in all its random Word Art-ish glory:

What was the video editor thinking? Why were there Twitter and WhatsApp logos floating around? And what’s with the weird blurry affect? Why was there a motorcycle on the roof?! What did the wedding have to do with a rocket?! And don’t get us started on the music choice and how many times Farah and Hadi’s names kept popping up.

Netizens felt for Farah and took to social media with their two cents:

Some were kind enough to offer their services to her for free:


One social media user even decided to help Farah by salvaging the footage as best he could, coming up with a more acceptable edit:

Recently a wedding video of Hadi & Farah went viral. The 12 minutes video caught the attention of netizens after the…

Posted by on Thursday, 4 October 2018


Farah contacted her videographer and editor, asking him to fix the video. Sadly, he was completely uncooperative and insisted that his editing was “different” and “dynamic”.

Here are the claims the videographer made:

  • That the graphic animation he applied to the video was unique and that not many editors can do that.
  • That his video is extraordinary, unlike the usual wedding videos which are just “pretty”.
  • That if she’s not satisfied with the video, then it might as well have been recorded on just a smartphone.
  • That the animation on the car number plate was so good, it looked real.
  • When asked why the video didn’t feature more of the bride and groom, he said his video is really spectacular, gempak, and dynamic.

Hmmm… are we blind or is he the confused one here? We’re going to go with the latter.

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