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Uncle Deyy Sparks A Nationwide #DeyyChallenge, And Here Are Some Of Our Fave Videos So Far



The recent riot that occurred at the Sri Mariamman Temple in Seafield, Subang Jaya has been really tough on Malaysians as the public calls for one another to remain united as a nation.

But among the horrible news reports and videos of people getting hurt and hurting other people, one video emerged, shedding a little lightheartedness on the whole situation—and actually united us.

In a fit of emotional anger, S Kanagarajah aka Uncle Deyy (as he’s now called), was lost for words while at the temple during the riot. The video of him shouting nothing but “DEYY!” and then biting his tongue was shared online and people couldn’t help but take the video clip of him in a funny way.

The video then sparked an internet challenge dubbed the #DeyyChallenge as many Malaysians took part in imitating Uncle Deyy. Here are some of the best ones we found..

So many happy faces…


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#deyychallenge 🤣🤣

A post shared by Muhd Hakim (@akemhamid) on

These guys that could hardly refrain from giggling…


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Hahahaha tk bole go haa ini #deyychallenge .

A post shared by Yanquezzz 🍂🇲🇾 (@yannquez) on

JaaSuzuran did it pretty well too…


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Yang tahu je tau 😂 Yang tak tahu check out my ig story okay 😂 #AbangGurauJe

A post shared by Jaa ERA (@jaasuzuran) on

And so did this random white guy!

This woman put her own sexy spin to the challenge…


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Honggah betullll #deyychallenge

A post shared by Kak.Linn (@kak.linn) on

While this guy added a little flair to his attempt…


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Org buat kita nak buat juga. Tema sempena otak kerakusan. #deyyy #theyyyychallange #dheyychallenge #deyychallenge

A post shared by Ahmad Anis (@bobby_blue88) on

This uncle accidentally scared his cat…


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#deyy Kucing anak aku pun takut😂😂😂😅 #deyychallenge

A post shared by Ayoii976 (@ayoii976) on

And this dad accidentally scared his child…

And finally, a super cute one…

According to a report by Malaysiakini, Uncle Deyy doesn’t mind people imitating him in the video clip, saying “If that makes them happy, then let them be happy.” The 43-year-old also said that he unintentionally made the expression out of frustration.

“It (the expression in the video) happened after seeing and helping my fellow devotees who were attached and covered in blood. We did not pick a fight with anyone, we were just praying inside the temple. So I was frustrated with what had happened.”

We share your frustrations, Uncle Deyy. And we really hope all of this clears up really soon! Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were hurt during the riots, such as the firefighter on duty, Muhammad Adib. For now, all we have is this challenge to remind us that we can all get along as long as we try.

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