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You Can Now Go Check Out What Our PM’s Official Crib Is Like!



Seri Perdana, Malaysia’s version of The White House, is now open to the public, six days a week! According to the official Seri Perdana website, since the building “belongs to the people”, it’s open to the public.

The official residence of the Prime Minister, located in Putrajaya, began construction in 1997 and was completed in 1999. Its architecture is similar to Perdana Putra—the building where our PM’s office is, featuring a mixture of Malay, Islamic and European designs. Tun Mahathir was the first Prime Minister to reside in this house.

On your visit, you can’t just roam around freely like it’s your own place lah. Visitors will only have access to the Protocol Block and Banquet Block. In these sections of the building, you can check out the Special Dining Hall where our PM holds official banquets, the Meeting Room, and the Gallery, where our PM keeps gifts that he has received from local and foreign dignitaries.

There are also guided tours that are held from Monday to Thursday. You need to book a tour at least seven days before the date of your planned visit though. Each tour will last for about one hour and a half.

Just like a museum, you’re not allowed to make any recordings while you’re inside the building, so put those phones away and just enjoy the place. Be sure to dress appropriately and bring along some form of identification, like an identity card or a passport.

Opening hours: 9am to 12.30pm; 2pm to 4pm
Opening days: Everyday except Friday and public holidays. Seri Perdana will also be closed to public whenever there are official events.

For more information, you can visit the Seri Perdana website, here!

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