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Merry Wazemas! Waze Made A Best And Worst Times To Drive List For The Holidays!



The holiday season is here, and while you’re picking out the perfect present, preparing to cook the most delicious meal, and noting down family members to visit, don’t forget one of the most important aspects that could make or break your Christmas. Traffic.

Yes, traffic. Traffic can be a pain, especially when you’re trying to make your way to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a jammed highway when you could be eating and singing with all your favourite people. This holiday season, Waze is here to save you.


Waze is back with traffic data to help you get where you need to be for a jolly good time! They’ve compiled a list of the best and worst times to travel on the road this Christmas, so you better start planning your trip now to avoid the holiday traffic!

The Best and Worst Times To Drive For the Christmas Holidays

And of course, the holidays don’t end with Christmas! New Year’s eve is also around the corner and Waze wants to help you usher in the New Year on time! They’ve come up with the best and worst times for you to be on the road while you’re on your way to countdown to 2019!

The Best and Worst Times To Drive For the New Year Celebration

One of the best tips we can give you to ensure a smooth drive this holiday season is to schedule your drive in advance to avoid peak travel periods.


So pack up your delicious Christmas food, make sure to put all your presents in the car and get ready to jingle all the waze this holiday season!

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