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WHAT?! Sarawak Was Featured In ‘Venom’?!


WHAT?! Sarawak Was Featured In ‘Venom’?!

There’s no doubt that at the mere mention of anything Malaysian from anyone or anything that isn’t Malaysian really makes us excited and proud. So naturally, when Malaysians discovered that Sarawak is featured in the recent Marvel-based movie, Venom, everyone went absolutely nuts.

According to New Straits Times, Venom’s opening scene is set in Sarawak!


The film opens with a scene of a rocket crashing into a forest. The crash results in one of the Symbiotes inside the rocket escaping from the canister it was trapped in. Later, the film reveals that the forest is part of “Hutan Simpanan Borneo”, supposedly located several miles away from Sibu, Sarawak. FYI, there is no such forest reserve lah. So, it’s fictional. But still!

During the movie, an EMT officer played by an American actress also speaks some Sarawakian Bahasa Malaysia.

And the Malaysian lovin’ doesn’t stop there!

Another key moment in the movie happens in a “Malaysian village” in Sarawak. According to the film’s production notes, the “Malaysian village” was built on a dirt lot in Georgia. And to be fair, it looks more like a night market in Hong Kong than anywhere in Malaysia, but we’ll take it!

The last scene in Sarawak happens in what looks like Sibu airport. The set design appears to be modelled after the actual airport before it was renovated in 2012.

Walao eh! That’s a lot of Malaysian scenes!

Naturally, our netizens flocked to Twitter to share their excitement:

We haven’t watched the film yet, but we’re definitely watching it now.

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