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This Woman Has The Shortest Name In Malaysia, And Her Name Is…S



People with unique names will know the pain of having to explain your name, pronunciation and spelling every time you call customer service or food delivery service. If you thought that was bad, you probably can’t even imagine what the woman with the shortest name in Malaysia has to go through with her single character name, S.

S Binti Rosli is the eldest of four siblings and has the shortest name among them. Her other siblings, all sisters, are named Liz, 29, Maz, 18, and Hani, 15. Her father, Rosli Bin Rosli Ahmad Abdul Karim gave all his children short names because he was always teased by his friends when he was younger.

Although her father named her so to avoid her name from being mocked at school, kids are kids after all and S was frequently called Superman and Supergirl in school. But, despite her name consisting of only one letter, S is comfortable with her name. She believes her name is unique and didn’t mind being teased. She said:

“I do not mind because those characters are superheroes.”


S admits that her short name does have its advantages, especially during exams. And while many would think her name would be easy for her husband to pronounce during their wedding too, S said:

“People thought that it would be easy for my husband to pronounce my name during our akad nikah (solemnisation of vows). But he had to recite his vows seven times – maybe he was nervous before the tok kadi,”

The diploma graduate from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia said that people rarely believe her when she tells them her name, and they tend to assume it’s a nickname, until she shows them her IC.

“When I tell people my name, especially when I am filling up a form, they do not believe me and think that it’s just a nickname. But when I show them my MyKad, they would give me a weird look and then, smile.”

If the person with the longest name in Malaysia,  Princess Aura Nurr Emily Amara Auliya Bidadari Nawal El Zendra, contains 54 characters, then the person with the shortest name in Malaysia contains only 1.

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