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The World’s Longest Commercial Flight Took Off From Singapore Last Night And Will Be In The Air For 19 Hours!



Today, we learn that previously, commercial airplanes can’t fly for more than about 16 hours at a time… which is why layovers are required! That however, isn’t an issue now because the world’s longest commercial flight has just been commissioned, and it’s expected to fly for almost 19 hours!

Covering a distance of 15,341km, Flight SQ22 departed Singapore at 11.37pm last night (11 Oct) for New York with 150 passengers and 17 crew!

Although still considered the world’s longest flight by distance, Singapore Airlines informed their passengers before take off that their flight may only take some 17 hours, if the weather stays fair.

According to BBC, business class seats on the flight were fully booked with only a very limited number of premium economy seats left. Looks like many people wanted to be part of this historical event!

The brand new Airbus plane that Singapore Airlines (SIA) is using can seat 161 passengers–67 in business class and 96 in premium economy class. Sadly, the plane doesn’t have a normal economy class–yes, it’s that atas.

Business class passengers are entitled to a bed to sleep in, two meals, and the choice of when they are served plus refreshments in between. Meanwhile, premium economy passengers get three meals at fixed times and refreshments in between.

The plane, an A350-900 ULR (ultra-long-range), belongs to Airbus’ family of long-range, twin-engine aircraft and has been designed to replace Boeing’s 777 series.

Several airlines already use the A350-900 on their long haul routes because its higher ceilings, larger windows and lightings are designed to reduce jet lag. Also, it doesn’t hurt that this aircraft uses between 20% to 30% less fuel than the 777!

However, the version that SIA purchased has the longest capability of any aircraft flying today. Thanks to a slightly modified fuel system, the metal bird is able to fly up to 20 hours non stop.

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